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  1. Download the Sony Music Center on the internet. I've downloaded it cause I was trying to solve the "No Data" on my Sony Walkman stick, NW-E403 which is only 243MB in capacity but no luck there so I downloaded Sonic Stage version 4.3 and it finally worked. The Sonic Stage program recognize my Walkman and finally I was able to enjoy my music. Since it's a mere 243MB storage I converted my music to ATRAC at 64 or 66kbps and the quality is really awesome. After a while I decided to turn off the Sony Music Center from automatically restarting every time I turned on my computer so that's just what I did. Lo and behold, the next time I connected my Walkman stick, the Sonic Stage program says I have a poor connection and prompted me to click "Controls" and then click "Device/Media" and finally "Delete All Tracks." So I did follow the instructions and a small window appeared saying, guess what? That irritating error message "Error Code 000066d7." So for several hours I tried everything a normal sane person should do and that is look for solutions on the internet. At first I reset and formatted it and even updated the firmware from 1.00 to 2.00 and still that annoying error message persisted, damn! I also tried it again and again but with no luck. I also did restart my computer but still the same error message appeared. Finally I had an idea that might solve the problem. I turned on the Sony Music Center to restart automatically again because I was thinking that's the last thing I did before the problem occured. Now the Sonic Stage program recognizes my Walkman again and everything is back to normal as it should be. :-)
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