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  1. Hey Applesauce, did you ever get this to work? I've been thinking about doing this myself, maybe removing the Tape deck of my CMT-DC-500MD bookshelf Hi-Fi and fitting one of my MZ-NH600s into the space.
  2. I have figured it out using the Settings for my MZ-NH600. 0113 needs to be set at xxxS25. This worked for me and added Custom EQ 1 & 2. ********** IF YOU TRY THIS ON YOUR UNIT AND IT IS RENDERED INOPERABLE i AM NOT RESPONSIBLE, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK **********
  3. Hi On my MZ-RH710, I don't have "DistFL" at 113 I have changing numbers for the first 3 digits and SA0 for the last 3 digits. Does anyone have any suggestion what I should set it to to get Custom EQ? Thanks. Paul
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