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  1. Good thinking and thanks for your response. I have mine working again on XP too. I had to do this fix which I found on the Forum but will repeat It here. It just means moving or copying a couple of files. C:\Program files\Common files\Sony Shared\OpenMG\restorable Copy two files icv.dat and maclist.dat to Open MG This started it running again. No idea why it works.
  2. Wow this is a very old post. However, my life may have moved on but alas not necessarily my audio equipment. I need to transfer some files from my old MD. Sonic Stage will no longer run. Is the only option now left to do it in Real Time analogue format? Reading back here I find all kinds of problems associated with converting the Sony file format to WAV or MP3. I wanted to ask if it sounded OK through the headphone socket. Anyway my question is this:- In the intervening 11 years, has anyone produced a file converter that will handle the Sony HMA format - which includes a lot of compression. Did Sony ever release the specification? That HMA suffix isn't the sole clue is it? They use that for all their MD files. The Format also needs to be interpreted. There's a lot of choices from what I read. MD; Hi-MD; SP; LP and what is NET MD? Maybe even more? Any up to date help with this would be very much appreciated. Sincerely, BerryG
  3. Where are the files to download for WIN10 operation of the MZ-NHF800 MiniDisc recorder that the people here keep referring to please? The device is very poor without the ability to off load the files as digital streams that can then be named, edited & converted . It is a recorder - with a microphone - it can do live - it's not all music with copyright is it? Any help with this would be very much appreciated
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