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  1. Does anyone know if this would work with the PCLK-MN10? Thank you!
  2. Wow! Quick reply on an 11 year old thread! My main deck is a Sony MDS-JB930. Thanks for your help!
  3. I wonder if anyone will get an e-mail to say this long dead thread has been dug up by me? Haha, well anyway, I have recently bought a Sony PCLK-MN-20 and I am trying to get it working. I have Windows XP installed on a laptop that I use for everything minidisc related and it's working great. By ysing the links in this thread I have located a download for the M Crew software, however I am not sure if the software is a "one size fits all" type of affair or if I need a specific download for my kit. https://www.sony.jp/support/h-audio/upgrade/down_m_crew.html Would anyone have a disk image of the original software supplied with the unit in the box? I am tempted to try Sony UK for a disc, but I'm fairly sure I won't get anywhere! Thanks in advance for any help! PS, I originally pasted the wrong link in this comment which is why there is a link to this very post! Sorry if I broke the internet in some blackhole quantum mechanics time distortion type way!
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