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  1. Sorry for the cross post...got carried away with getting this unit thanks for the model number Allan
  2. When I insert a disc into the DH10P I get a status screen which gives useful information such as number of tracks,total time and frees disc space. This screen displays for barely 3 seconds on my unit which isn't really long enough. Is there a menu option or key combination to recall this disc staus screen as I can't see anything in the settings menus? Allan
  3. Thanks for the info I suspected as much. Sony certainly make their units incompatible with each other. cheers
  4. Can anyone explain the Atrac file structure on HI-MD. Here in the UK Curry's Digital are selling the NAS-50HDE at discount price. I got a brand new one yesterday for £279. It quite an amazing bit of kit and supports Atrac, Atracplus and mp3. I connected my RH1 to the usb port and it was immediately recoginsed as a USB device. Using a blank HI-MD disk it imported both atracplus and mp3 files without a problem and played them back ok on the NAS and windows media player (which i couldn't get to work before with the rh1). Obviously it is treating the RH1 as just a bit of storage. I then put in a HI-MD disk recorded from SS4.3 and the NAS cant do anything with the files, The manual says they must have a .oma extension to work. When I look at a md disk in window explorer the files all have a .HMA extension none of them have .oma. To double check I borrowed a A808 flash player and all the files had .oma extension and they played ok on the NAS. Is SS4.3 changing the files for protection? Anyway just thought I'd share my (amateurish) experience. The RH1 looks good on top of the unit acting as a little mp3 deck. Allan
  5. Oops seems it is still a current product in UK at £42 for the CD so i can't go into the public domain yet.
  6. M crew v 2.5 for the SE9 works very well. Would I be breaking copyright if I made it available on the download section. Cheers Allan
  7. Cd arrived today from Sony and it now all works so thanks to all who helped. Cheers Allan
  8. Just an update the part number ending in 611 is good and the contact in the Uk can get it for me. Will let you know if if its okay when it comes. By the way I saw a picture of a Sony CMT M3 and CMT A01MD and accoding to our local sony store they will be available in the UK in Nov 2005. Cheers Allan
  9. Thanks I'm in the UK near Bristol. I will try on monday and see if they have those cd's. Allan
  10. Sony have sent me a m crew cd but when I start the install procedure it only allows me to select the Sony CMT m373NT and not the SE9. After allowing the install to complete it still doesn,t connect with the USB. Does someone out there have a SE9 and tell me what version of M Crew your cd is at. The one Sony sent me for the 373NT is 2.2E. The Sony Japanese site says 2.5J for the SE9 but I can't find the usb driver on the site for my machine. Thanks for any help. Allan
  11. Thanks Have tried this but still doesn't work. Sony UK have said they will try and get me the software i need so thanks to all who responded. Allan
  12. Hello I'm new to minidiscs and to forums so bear with me if I seem unclear. I have bought a refurbished Sony CMT SE9 hifi with Minidisc deck and DVD unit. The system is excellent and although is only MDLP is of a very high quality sound. My problem is the unit is NetMd and requires Mcrew software and a usb driver neither of which were in the box, Sonicstage wont work either because of the missing usb driver. Does anyone know where i can download the relevant driver, I managed to get Mcrew 2.5 from the Sony Japanese site but no usb driver. Thanks Allan Sony CMT SE9 Home Theater with Netmd and DVD Sony B100 minidic
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