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  1. I have come across 3 models: BC-9HE BC-9HS BC-7D What is the difference between 9HE and 9SE as they look the same to me? 7D does not have fold away pins. Wondering if there are any others and if any particular model is considered the best. I also came across this DoublePow one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154248731747 Wonder if I should get one of those as they are less than half the price of the original Sony ones.
  2. I posted on the author's GitHub and he is looking into it: https://github.com/Jo2003/cd2netmd_gui/issues/12
  3. I am recording from Qobuz to my MZ-N920. The Qobuz software is running on my PC and is connected to my Audiolab M-DAC+ by USB cable. The MZ-N920 is connected to the optical output of the M-DAC+. The recordings sound great but automatic track split isn't working. It's recording all the tracks as a single track. I've tried using both the WASAPI driver and the ASIO driver for the M-DAC+ in Qobuz. Anyone got any suggestions please?
  4. Seems to be an issue with the driver. Not been able to find a download for v1.9.2. Where can I download CD2NetMD v1.8.1? Thanks.
  5. I want to use it for recording from CDs with CDDB for automatic track titles.
  6. Yes please. What version of Windows are you using? I'm using Windows 10.
  7. Just bought a a Sony MZ-N920. I keep getting "Error while track transfer. Sorry!" after CD-RIP is complete and during MD-Transfer. Recording works perfectly with Web MiniDisc Pro and Platinum MD. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  8. I was wondering which gumstick batteries are better between the two or are they much the same? Many thanks!
  9. Yeah I'd already seen Damage's guide. I'm going to try and find a D-NE900 or a D-N920. Annoyingly a D-NE900 sold on eBay last weekend for £25 in mint condition complete with accessories.
  10. Must be in excellent condition complete with PSU, stand and remote control.
  11. I mean't which has best sound quality for both optical and analogue out. I was looking at the D-NE900 or D-NE920 but it's hard to find one which is complete with all accessories that doesn't have a ridiculous price. I'm not sure which is the better of these models.
  12. Which were the best models for sound quality from the Sony D-NE series which had optical out? Many thanks!
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