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  1. I was wondering which gumstick batteries are better between the two or are they much the same? Many thanks!
  2. Yeah I'd already seen Damage's guide. I'm going to try and find a D-NE900 or a D-N920. Annoyingly a D-NE900 sold on eBay last weekend for £25 in mint condition complete with accessories.
  3. Must be in excellent condition complete with PSU, stand and remote control.
  4. I mean't which has best sound quality for both optical and analogue out. I was looking at the D-NE900 or D-NE920 but it's hard to find one which is complete with all accessories that doesn't have a ridiculous price. I'm not sure which is the better of these models.
  5. Which were the best models for sound quality from the Sony D-NE series which had optical out? Many thanks!
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