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  1. I've been using my RH10 the past few days to digitize all my old DJ vinyl records. It's the cleanest way to get a signal for me. Recording direct to the PC always gives me noise issues. I run my turntable into my Sony DA4ES receiver, then to my JB940 deck as a AD-DA pass-through, using optical out from the 940 to the RH10 recording in PCM. Then upload to PC with SS, automatically converting to WAV. Then use audacity to clean up the audio/fix levels, then export to FLAC. Sounds complicated, but I've got the workflow down and it gives the best quality. These vinyl rips sound awesome. The only real annoying this is the slow transfers from the RH10 to the PC. Not sure if it's a hardware issue or just that SS sucks.... I wanted to use my Sony PCM-M10 recorder that I use these days to record live concerts, but lack of digital input means I still have a use for HiMD.
  2. Success!!! Thanks to bluecrab, the RM-D27M he sent me allows the transfer of the text. Why on earth Sony wouldn't allow the transfer of text when starting a CD sync record from the deck itself makes no sense. They even tell you how to do it in the manual. Anyway, I'm happy now
  3. bluecrab, I sent you a PM, but never heard back...
  4. That would be awesome if you have something! The D49M is one of the larger ones. I would think any of the bigger ones with the 3 CD Syncro Buttons should work.
  5. Yeah, the recordings and track marks are fine, just no text. I found a newer model changer today, CDP-M333ES. This unit does support control A1II. Still getting no text transfer. I'm really fed up now. There is ONE last thing I can try. On the remote for the JB940, there are some buttons labeled CD Syncro Standby, CD Syncro Start, and CD Syncro Stop. The manual says I can use these buttons to start a CD Syncro recording with a Sony CD player. Maybe this is the function that triggers the text exchange? I don't know. I can't try it because I don't have the RM-D49M remote that came with the 940. I'm using a Logitech Harmony One universal remote, but of course it has all the other fuctions for the 940 EXCEPT the 3 CD Syncro buttons. It's a longshot, but does anybody have a RM-D49M remote that the could let me borrow so I can program those 3 functions into my Harmony? I'll of course pay shipping....
  6. I know A1II is backwards compatible, but since the CD Changer is only A1, maybe the passing of CD Text is a function of A1II. The CD I made with Nero shows the text on the changer display, but still won't pass it to the MD deck. I'll try a disc made with Sonic Stage right now...
  7. I just looked at the back of my CD changer again, and it looks like it only supports control A1, not A1II. That's might be why its not working. Now to find a control A1II CD player...
  8. Just tried a making a disc with Nero. Still won't work. I just don't get it. Also, I do not have a keyboard hooked up. I'm gonna look in some pawn shops for a different Sony CD player and see if maybe my changer isn't passing the text info for some reason.
  9. Yeah, all my CDs are cd-r with cd text. The text displays just fine on the changers display. I even tried with a retail cd with cd text to rule out a cd-r incompatibility, but same issue. The cable I got is a 1 ring mono cable, but I've also tried with a 2 ring stereo cable. This is really frustrating. Text copy was the main reason for buying the deck. I would have gotten a combo deck, but the type-R models are out of my price range. I only paid $52 for the JB940
  10. Well, the manual for the JB940 states it does work. From page 22: "During CD Synchro-recording, the deck copies CD text information (CD text and disc memos) as it is to the MD (Disc memo copy function) The Disc Memo Copy Function operate when you make a CD Synchro-recording from a Sony CD player connected with a control A1II cable (not supplied) to the MD deck." I also found the correct cable at a different Radio Shack, so I'm not sure what the problem is? I don't get any error such as "Text Protected" or anything.
  11. I just picked up a JB940 with the hopes that I could make my Type-R SP recordings more automated with regards to titling. I've been using a N510 and titling with Sonic Stage is a pain. I thought the deck would be the answer, but it's not working. All my CD's are CD-Text (CDR), my Sony CD Changer is CD-Text compatible (CDP-CX220), the Text shows on the CD player display. I've got the CD player hooked up to the deck via optical and the Control A1 port. None of the titles are transferring? My only concern is the Control A1 cable, I couldn't find a mono cable, so I'm using a stereo one. The CD-Sync feature is working because when I take the deck out of REC-Pause, the CD player starts playing like it should. Does anybody have any tips to make the text transfer to the MD?
  12. Willing to do a straight trade for a new in box PRS-505?
  13. I've got "Evil Empire" mint w/case. What do you have for trade?
  14. Well, I think I figured this out. There is a metal tab that is underneath the lid between the headphone port and the mic port. This tab must press the switch that tells the unit the lid is opened. I just bent this tab ever so slightly and it seems like it's making good enough contact now. So far I haven't gotten it to re-boot. I hope thats all it was...
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