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  1. We all owe Eric more gratitude than I can express here. If he ever wanted anyone to cover his costs for domain and keeping the site up for 20+ years, I'll be the first to volunteer. But sadly a lot of the external links (reviews, 3rd party articles, etc) are dropping off the web, through no fault of Eric's. Things will only get worse as time goes on - not every webmaster is as reliable as Eric is. What does make me want to update the compendium mostly is the new trend of professional releases (in the *wave genres) which are bringing lots of new interest and collectors.
  2. All good; I'm glad you've got the site back to where it should be. Your profile says Vancouver - if that's BC rather than WA, I'm in North Burnaby so if you wanted to grab a beer or a burger on me, feel free to be in touch and we can discuss retro tech or just make sure water is under the bridge.
  3. I made it! There's no salt here, the site is broken when not logged in. Getting an account made required messing with some URLs and following a lot of error'd out links. If you're not already signed in, the site is entirely broken. I would advise that Admins dig in phpMyAdmin before slandering good-natured MiniDisc fans It's getting error EX145 (database issue), same as this example: https://lavag.org/topic/19934-error-accessing-site-when-not-logged-in/
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