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  1. I took apart only the main pcb, did not diassemble the optical pickup, so far so I could reach the test points to measure the voltages and lubricate the mechanical parts and rails.
  2. Well, the self-calibration tests were working before I reset the nvram. I now need somehow to get the laser power back to normal to pass the tests, doesn't look mechanical to me. Maybe the write was failing previously due to the low voltage on the laser and now after I get the calibration right it will work. The problem for the moment is that i cannot make sure the laser power is good to pass the self-calibration.
  3. I cleared the NVRAM, performed the electrical adjustments, item 764 (V1PWM) was 2.28V instead of 2.30V. I adjusted it successfully to 2.30V, but now I have a bigger problem. I cannot pass the automatic CD adjustment anymore, it gives me 324 NG 00 0 00 error, which from my understanding is traking error. The manual recommends to perform the laser check and set the LrefPw, HrefpW and WritPw, but I don't have any laser power meter to test the power. Also, the temperature compensation value that I set is always reset to default for whatever reason I don't get even if i press pause to save the values. Bottom line: I cannot use my MD anymore, it now always enter test mode on powerup because the adjustements are not completed. Can you or anyone help me complete the adjustmnets to make it work again? A thousand thanks! Edit: How in the world should I measure the voltage drop on the R521 resistor during laser power adjustment when the resistor is just on the other side of the pdb when assembled toghether? Are they nuts for putting it on the other side? Edit2: Can anyone with a MZ-R700 tell me the values for the above settings to get mine working again?
  4. I disassembled today my R700 and cleaned it all thoroughly, lubed the shafts of the laser assembly, cleaned the laser and write head with IPA. I inspected and measured the ribbon of the write head and it is is all intact. After putting it all together, the same issue can be seen. Plays perfectly, but records only fragments of the sound... What adjustments should I try to make? I have the service manual, I tried increasing the tracking gain by a little and the power of the laser on write mode but there is no difference. Toc edit still works fine... Can you point me some important adjustments that i need to look into? I think it can be fixed. Edit: Can be a write head misalignment issue with the laser? Although I believe not, as I do not see how it can get misaligned
  5. No, the blank disc idenfication works perfect. If I erase a disk it says BLANKDISC, if I record something it shows as recorded and I can see the track numbers, edit the track titles, save TOC, all works perfect. Only the records have drops and the MD stalls when trying to access the recording for playback on certain points. I tried 2 different maxell color 74 MDs, they are not new, but almost like new. All my older minidiscs play just fine though all the audio, no drops, no skips, not even a slight interruption if I move/rotate the MD player around. Seems rock solid in this regard. Yes, the machine certainly has been sitting unused for a long time, but as I said, playing works fine. I tried recording on fresh NI-MH batteries and on plugpack, the result is the same. I would try to grease all the axels and gears, but I don't think it's worth it as playback is perfect. On every recording I made, the sound skips though. In most cases can reproduce exactly after 10-15 seconds of recording it stalles (no sound) and if I FF more 10-15 seconds it plays again, but never plays back the missing part, so looks like a recording issue. On the other hand, I have just managed to make a 1:30 recording with no interruption that sounds perfect, so it is quite an intermittent issue, but the recordings mostly miss parts and skip. I really can't understand. Edit: I have just got my first DISK ERROR after erasing a disk, tried the disk several times, and now works again.
  6. Hi guys, As I can read there are very interesting findings in recording issues with minidisc walkmans. I have a problem myself. I just bought an used MZ-R700 and it works great for playback, editing song names. But when recording it seems that it is recording properly, but when played back it usually plays 10-15 seconds and then it tries to read the disc and stalles, if I go fast forward 10-20 secs more it starts playing again, but later drops again after a more couple of seconds of playback. I think this might be a similar issue with the record head here? I disaasembled the unit, cleaned the heads, inspected the record ribbon and it seems intact, no cracks or snaps. Could it be an internal crack that i cannot see or the solder joints? What should I do next without rendering the device totally unusable? Thanks.
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