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  1. check my stickied post in the netMD forum, I describe how to blank the disc in service mode. it works!
  2. pureangst


    read thhe sticky on blankdiscs and recording issues, i've updated with instructions on manually blanking a disc.
  3. jeebus, crazeybt1 please punctuate your sentences. check out the 'blank disc solution' sticky at the top. i've added some info on interrupted playback.
  4. Problems Re: Skipping & Blankdisc (when write-head cable is perfectly fine) I've recently been having problems with skipping when recording. Pretty weird as it occurs seemingly at random positions on different discs. At first I suspected dirty discs but after rigorous cleaning, the problem persisted. Anyway, as usual I opened up my N1 and checked for anything weird. I became worried when my unit was blanking discs and I lost recording capabilities, even with the ribbon cables intact. Very interesting! Well, after a few days working at it, I finally figured out what may be the problem: M
  5. Very good observation. From my experience, I did not find the wires short out. Thus far my fixed N1 has not given me trouble, and it has been nearly a year. If you are really worried about possible short, I would suggest you spray them with a thin coat of something insulating. Hairspray? Teflon? Silicone Lube? I have no idea but I bet there's plenty of products out there. One thing is for sure, you have to use thin wires. There is no substitute. Best of luck!
  6. Yes, it's the same sort of situation for my N1; however I'm not worried about scratching the top surface of my discs (since data is read out from the bottom), I'm more worried about damaging the fragile mag. write head. Anyway, I do concur that the write head is positioned nearly in contact with the disc during writing. thanks for the input though!
  7. Well, I write this little tutorial up as a last resort for others who have problems with their units and have no alternatives left to explore. If your MD is under warrantee, then by all means send it back. When you have exhausted all reasonable means of solving this problem, then read my solution and do it yourself. There's no point in telling Sony that you're angry about their workmanship and are proceeding to do some ad hoc repairs by following some instructions you found on some site. Please!
  8. Most likely your problem is that you didn't do a proper uninstall-install of sonicstage, as converting songs is a software issue, not a hardware issue. There's plenty of info around here that tells you exactly what to remove when doing a complete uninstall; just check the stickies in teh netMD forum.
  9. You will know for sure if it's the ribbon cable problem if you open your MD man. At least that way you can rest in peace knowing you're not alone in your frustrations[?].
  10. Had the same problem with an N1, a broken ribbon cable. If you're referring to 'optical block' as a problem where you can't record [but you can play just fine], then it's easy to fix. Simply bypass the ribbon cable by soldering wires between the magnetic write head and the solder points on the board. I did it so I know it can be done. Use earphone wires [wires scavenged from headphones].
  11. Good evening gentlemen! If you're in the rather tricky position of losing recording ability on your MD unit, your warrantee's run out, and you're out of luck paying for an extravagent overhaul by sony tech, I might have the solution for you. Although this is my first post, I've been a lurker of these forums for quite some time after buying my first MD unit (R700) a year and a half ago. During this time I've ran through a R900, and now currently using a N1. Recently a friend of mine lost recording capability on his N1 imported from japan. Since it was an import, sony tech started playing gam
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