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  1. Hi everyone, just a quick update on the efforts from Stefano and me in getting the MDS-JB980 to work with The Web MiniDisc Application: Unfortunately, it is not looking very promising at the moment and challenging to say the least Stefano and I were able to set up a remote debugging environment and the goal of our meeting yesterday was to find the reason for the initialization failure on the MDS-JB980. Unfortunately we did not succeed as we had to rely on trial and error to debug the init connection. As you probably all know there is no open specification on the NetMD protocol struc
  2. That's awesome news Stefano! I have just replied to your PM. Looking forward to work on this!
  3. Hi Stefano, thank you for your quick reply! When de C-19 situation improves, I will ask a colleague if he can help me out with debugging the Net MD protocol on my JB980. In the meantime, I would really to like to try and debug it remotely with you if that's possible. Please? : ) It does not have to take much of your time and I am tech savvy. Installing a development environment on my machine that works for you should be no real issue and we can use Google Hangout, Teams, Zoom, Teamviewer, etc for screen sharing? Would you please consider this request? I know that many JB980 ow
  4. Hello Stefano and everyone! I am new to this forum and let me say that I love seeing everyone’s love for the Minidisc format and Sony gear in general. It is amazing to see what you have build Stefano and have given to the community! I am 100% sure it sparks new appreciation and love for the format and it helps independent artist bring awesome minidisc releases to life. I do have a question: Can I please help you in getting the application to support the Sony MDS-JB980? Like Stachu & BearBoy, the application stalls on my MDS-JB980 during the connect proces using a bla
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