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  1. From my understanding he, or someone else who knows how to figure out the handshake commands, needs to get their hands on to an actual LAM-Z05 to test it. If he would send it back when finished, I'd offer to send him mine and cover shipping both ways, but I am in Japan and shipping would cost an absolute fortune. Hoping someone who lives closer can do so. Do we have any confirmation the Z03 actually works? Last I saw all it had done is pass the testing app. The Z05 will also pass the testing app saying it should work, but fails with the actual web/platinum minidisc programs. I ass
  2. These days, the easiest way to go about putting these onto a minidisc would be to use web minidisc or platinum. Both support full quality SP transfers of FLAC over netMD.
  3. Yes! It got ported to web MD and the newest release candidate for Platinum MD. Seems to work with every Sony deck, and most bookshelf units. The biggest noteworthy unit missing support is the LAM series.
  4. One suggestion to any windows users trying to get this set up. I could not figure out exactly what this meant, but it is an option during the Python2 install. If you missed it on your initial install, just rerun the installer and choose the modify the install and you will be able to select it as an option. For some reason it is the only option not selected by default for the installer.
  5. This is the results for the MDS-S500 testing. Found NetMD: Bus 003 Device 020: ID 054c:013f Sony Net MD Found 1 netmd_devs Acquire Device ....OK Get Status ....OK Get Disc Flags ....OK Get Disc Title ....OK Superorganism Get Disc Capacity ....OK Time used: 00:33:08+050 (44.79%) Get Track Count ....OK 10 tracks Get Length track 2 ....OK Get Encoding Track 2 ....OK Get Flags Track 2 ....OK Move Track 1 to Track 2 ....OK Play ....OK Skip forward ....OK Pause ....OK Play ....OK Get position ....OK Stop ....OK Enter Secure Session ....OK Get Leaf ID ....OK Leave Secure Session ....OK Release De
  6. Hello, I have got it working. Turns out python wasn't in path like I expected. Reinstalling it and double checking the setting during reinstall seems to have worked. Unfortunately, my MDS-S500 did not work, it says no device found. Could it be due to having a different USB/Device ID? According to Zadig it is "054C 013F" Here is the output: No Known NetMD Devices Found. Currently connected USB Devices: Traceback (most recent call last): File "netmd_test.py", line 289, in <module> show_uuids=options.uuids) File "netmd_test.py", line 19, in main print ("%d:
  7. Yes, I did do that step. I am thinking it might be something wrong with the Python. Even inputting "python --help" give me no output.
  8. Hello, I have quite a few netMD devices I was going to run this test on and submit the output for (MZ-N1, MZ-N920, MDS-NT1, MDS-S500. These are first gen netMD portable and decks, along with two of the latest), but have run into a roadblock. I am using a W10 machine. I have installed python and run the instruction, but get the following error when I try to run it. Some googling suggests just trying "python" or "py" instead of "python2," but when I do so this happens: It gives me a new prompt without any output. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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