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  1. So I took the time to figure out the Kana Unicode values so I can have my funny japanese letters on my Mindisc player, may also be useful for CD walkmans of the era, like a D-NE1. Anyways, I have made a google doc chart with the unicodes if you know how to make some sort of easy conversion program, but I'm dumb and don't know how to make such a tool. So, let me explain the process I currently am going through to get Kana displayed on my MZ-N707, I look up the katakanized name of a song. For example, 約束 by Roselia. That song has a kanji title, so I will turn it into ヤクソク (yakusoku) if I were to use the Katakana from Windows that won't work and will display '---' on the display since it can't read them like that. But, now that I have the Unicode values, I can see that ya=Ô ku=¹ so=¿ and ku(again)=¹ and if I put Ô¹¿¹ into Sonicstage when I go to rename it, My n707 will display the name ヤクソク. I want to eventually make a complete conversion tool somehow and I haven't checked if kanji is actually supported on the device itself, but just katakana makes me happy already and I will work on it with a friend maybe another day. Devices included for Kana writing. Minidisc Recorder MZ-N707, Hacked EEPROM values through Service mode, sonicstage 4.3, hacked and unsigned win10 drivers. Untested for CD walkmans with Displays or Remotes with Kana displays, or third-party writing software for NetMD like Platinum MD. I would assume it would work though. Edit:Works in Platinum MD too This is the link to the google Docs for the table and there is one character that Google Docs doesn't display, but it should be fine https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xxb5Am-SbBaG2aAyhc0XhOeFtQYNIG9ZHQBpqBcPIgM/edit?usp=sharing Now, you can skip this next part if you want. The device is using Unicode Latin-1 Supplement and I basically just brute forced my way to figure it out and changed the title of a single song like 20 times to figure it out and to test. Pressing the FF, RW, and Volume buttons so much.... Anyway, it's done. I just wanted to write this down so someone won't have to figure it out.
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