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Found 6 results

  1. So I took the time to figure out the Kana Unicode values so I can have my funny japanese letters on my Mindisc player, may also be useful for CD walkmans of the era, like a D-NE1. Anyways, I have made a google doc chart with the unicodes if you know how to make some sort of easy conversion program, but I'm dumb and don't know how to make such a tool. So, let me explain the process I currently am going through to get Kana displayed on my MZ-N707, I look up the katakanized name of a song. For example, 約束 by Roselia. That song has a kanji title, so I will turn it into ヤクソク (yakusoku) if I were to use the Katakana from Windows that won't work and will display '---' on the display since it can't read them like that. But, now that I have the Unicode values, I can see that ya=Ô ku=¹ so=¿ and ku(again)=¹ and if I put Ô¹¿¹ into Sonicstage when I go to rename it, My n707 will display the name ヤクソク. I want to eventually make a complete conversion tool somehow and I haven't checked if kanji is actually supported on the device itself, but just katakana makes me happy already and I will work on it with a friend maybe another day. Devices included for Kana writing. Minidisc Recorder MZ-N707, Hacked EEPROM values through Service mode, sonicstage 4.3, hacked and unsigned win10 drivers. Untested for CD walkmans with Displays or Remotes with Kana displays, or third-party writing software for NetMD like Platinum MD. I would assume it would work though. Edit:Works in Platinum MD too This is the link to the google Docs for the table and there is one character that Google Docs doesn't display, but it should be fine https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xxb5Am-SbBaG2aAyhc0XhOeFtQYNIG9ZHQBpqBcPIgM/edit?usp=sharing Now, you can skip this next part if you want. The device is using Unicode Latin-1 Supplement and I basically just brute forced my way to figure it out and changed the title of a single song like 20 times to figure it out and to test. Pressing the FF, RW, and Volume buttons so much.... Anyway, it's done. I just wanted to write this down so someone won't have to figure it out.
  2. I've not this has been asked countless times before but on reading different previous posts I'm getting confused. If I have some NetMD LP2 and LP4 recordings, what is the best settings to use when transferring them from my RH1 to and laptop? What about SP recordings? I'm sure I read that true SP cannot be transferred due to licencing issues. Once I have them on my laptop, what is the best way to archive them without DRM, without any further loss of quality? I'm sure someone suggest OMA files but do they have DRM? or can the FLC software remove the DRM? If my laptop crashed whilst doing the transfer, would it cause issues at all with the minidisc that's being transferred? Finally I've read people have had issues with bits of previous tracks appearing at the start of next ones. Am I likely to encounter this when transfering live recordings. Should I simply remove all my track marks to resolve this? If I remove track marks, is it fairly stable or could I encounter corruption? It's a long time since I last did any HiMD transfers. Some of the recordings I'm doing are mic live recordings. Others will be via digital out of a radio. If there is a guide anyway, please could someone share it. Many thanks
  3. i have a computer with Windows xp that i had not used for several years ago in which i recorded several CD's with ATRAC3 format, days ago i started the computer again and i had to format and reinstall the Windows xp operating system with the original disk that came when i bought the computer, after installing all the necessary to use the computer again i installed sonic stage 4.3 now that i try to modify those CD's and save the music inside of those CD's, it tells me that it isn't the same computer, that i can only modify those CD's in the computer where they were created, but i am in the same computer. how can i solve this problem?
  4. Ok.....this is something new. Yippee!!!! I am baffled. I have always been somewhat of an expert on MD and MD related topics, but this one has me stumped. I hope you are reading this Stephen because I could really use another brain right now. Running windows 10 Pro, SS 4.3 I kept getting the infamous "program has stopped working click to restart." After uninstalling and re-installing it a billion times I finally got the software to read the NET-MD and not crash right away. It now crashes every time I perform an action. I finally does the MD's just fine, it will let me edit, rename, delete, format, move, etc.......but directly after or during the edit the program crashes. Next when I try to re-open SS I get the sonic stage system restore wizard. Even more baffling is when I try to transfer tracks to the MD, I get a bunch of question marks then it completey freezes. I have tried reinstalling, regedit, restarting computer, etc.....to no avail. The question mark thing is comical to say the least. I have NO CLUE IN HELL what could be wrong with this. I have been on Windows 10 for a year and SS worked fine. I do remember the crash problem in the past, but I forget how we fixed it. But even then I didn't get these damn question marks. Please see attached screenshots. Update: I have managed to get Mp3s to transfer, but only newer ones. I get all of the question marks but after it is done the track is there and displayed correctly. I have a ton of music in a folder that works fine, but will not transfer unless I go re-save it with the same or different file type. these were transferrable with sonic stage at one time, but not now. Is something wrong with the folder? the tracks play fine through SS but wont transfer. They used to work. WTF!!? I'm ripping my hair out here!!!!!!!!! Could this be some sort of DRM? see the WTF SS5 file Please Please help me!!!!!! ;-)
  5. Anyone have issues when connecting you Minidisc Player to your Windows 7 64bit machine and it doesn't recognize your player? I have the MZ-N510 Type S model.
  6. I just bought an Acer notebook running windows 7 starter. I have downloaded a Sony application called Sonic Stage 4.3 to the desktop. I have also downloaded the driver. This application allows/mediates Atrac3 files to be downloaded to the computer from my mini disk MZ-NHF800 walkman. Sonic Stage allows these files to be opened. When I click the "install now" icon the installer extracts the files but does not finish installing: a message saying "Data was unable to be retrieved from the server. Please check your internet connections and try again. (21000)". My internet connection takes me to other websites with no problem. Sometimes Internet Explorer will quit when I try to download a file from a blog. With commercial/professional websites I am able to download files. Sonic Stage downloaded to my previous notebook with Windows XP Home Edition with no problem. Can it be that some type of security software in windows 7 starter is preventing Sonic Stage from installing and causing some downloads to not go through? If not, what might be the problem? Is there any other way to open Atrac3 files without Sonic Stage? Can Atract3 files be converted to .mp3 with an application? If so, where would I find it? Any info appreciated. --- Jeremiah123
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