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  1. all the ones for sale on this site are from 2007 so cant get an idea from there.
  2. Anyone tell me the worth of my portable md sharp md mt 77 Seen them on ebay for 500+ have mini mics and carry case hardshell recharge base all in vg condition
  3. I just bought a mini disc deck and was trying to play some recordings I made with a portable sharp mini disc recorder, I am not savy but saw similar posts saying it wont recognize recording. I am so pissed. The deck I have is a sony mds j320   Any help will be appreciated.  Is there a way to hook my portable to receiver to play? The deck works, i had it play a disc that came wiyh the unit. I have 100s of hours of recordings I was hoping to listen to.   Bob627_3@msn.com   thanks 

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