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  1. pretty much given up using my mz-rh1 to listen to mp3s on the go anymore in fear or dropping it or having to dig out the old g4 powerbook to transfer some tunes across from another hd on a recent incompatible mac and the help of a usb stick to bridge between the two. A terrible shame, and chore but I still do it sometimes anyway because i love minidisc, let me get to the point, my question to the forum is this - to make some minidiscs that i can use to play in the Onkyo MD-105FX; i need to get the music first from my computer to the disc somehow using my mzrh1 is this possible? am i going to have to literally make mds using my old mac with music transfer app and the mzrh1 to put mp3s on the hi md discs to then have to re record them back onto a disc in the Onkyo MD-105FX through the phono input in order to be able to use it,? i have a load of hi-mds and regular ones too and all i want to do is fill them with albums to play on the Onkyo MD-105FX I was hoping i could use my mzrh1 to do the transferring of tunes from the mac computer to put either wav or some other format that the onkyo can play im not even bothered if i will just be using the hi md disc as regular sp as long as i can get some decent stereo sound quality out of the playback on the 105FX. will anybody be able to help me or tell some tips on how (what formats and what software options i have to be able to do this) if you get what im trying to accomplish? i would massively appreciate any tips or guidance because this is gonna make me cry. what i can do is convert some flacs or mp3s to decent bitrate files or wavs to put on the discs with the mzrh1 but im not sure i can do all of this with the music transfer app. thanks j
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