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  1. Interesting, I Interesting, I may have to peek into the unit when I get it
  2. Thanks bluecrab, good to know. The nice thing about the Kenwoods is that they have both optical and coaxial inputs/outputs and my JE510 doesn't. One source in my stack I would like to do some recordings from only has a coaxial output so I thought the Kenwood might be a nice option to open up more opportunities for digital recordings. I recently grabbed a Sony Walkman Type-R NetMD recorder to record FLAC files from my home server and I have been very impressed with the sound quality. RE: the Kenwood ATRAC versions, if you Google the service manuals for the 2070, 3020, 5090, 9090, etc. they
  3. Thanks, I'll update this thread as soon as it's received. The seller has a good track record on vintage hifi but it's definitely a bit of a gamble.
  4. My Sony MDS-JE510 is starting to show some signs that is in need of repair regarding its loading/unloading mechanism. I plan on maybe trying to do some repairs, but I also purchased a supposedly refurbished Kenwood DM-5090 on ebay. It supposedly has new laser, belt and caps. I have not received it yet but really curious to see how it performs. One selling point is that it is equipped with ATRAC 4.5, while my Sony is ATRAC 4 (although I have no complaints about the Sony's sound quality). In doing some research, I've discovered that the Kenwood DM-5090 is actually equipped with a CXD2652AR (ATRA
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