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  1. Yea It's inbuilt EQ is pretty good, just wanted an EQ with some visual feedback really
  2. Thats what i was wondering, I dont have a tape deck but would like to change the sound with an EQ system wide, ie: minidisc and cd player
  3. Hello again folks, quick question: I have a SONY STR-DB940 amplifier that has "TAPE IN & TAPE OUT" sockets, now could i possibly use an EQ/Spectrum Analyzer with it? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks guys, some brill information here, yes that's exactly what i'm looking for either clear/coloured jewel cases or those with a disc holder inside.
  5. It's a brilliant little soundcard i tell you, they use the same IC's as the very expensive Auzentech PCI soundcards, but the driver cd it comes with is useless, you need the C-Media multichannel driver, ive uploaded it here: It works with 64Bit versions of XP/VISTA/7/8/10 Ive no idea if it honours scms, but because it has an optical in and out you can make 2 copies of a digtal recording at once, in fact you could make 10 if you have 10 recorders lol Or, transfer your digital copy to a pc using the optical, computers totally ignore scms, then from there you can record your master as many times as you like from pc to md Another option is to make a CD master copy, then once recorded from CD to the MD the track markers and titles will be sent automatically via the A1-II mono 3.5mm data cable. EDIT: I have just checked for you, it does indeed completely ignore the scms data bit, so yup, you can do direct md digital to md digital copies if you record with this soundcard from your PC to MD, your recorded MD from your pc will be totally scms disabled via digital toslink this means you end up with a digital master with no copy protection.. ive got £200 soundcards that can't even do this. CM6206LX-1.04 WXP7810.zip
  6. Mate, seriously i'm having more fun with my JB-930 than i've ever had with any other format, these things are so bloody awesome.
  7. Im getting back in to minidisc again after about 15 years, simply because i have made recordings of my own produced music and mixes on to CD-R discs in the past and about 1 in 20 of them have rotted, as well as the recorded side of the discs becoming pitted/peeled, a fair few of my shop bought CD's have corroded as well theyre not made like they were in the late 80's anymore, i just dont trust CD's after this has happened, i don't trust hard disks either, so i'm in a rush now to get my remaining CD's of my songs and mixes put on SP minidiscs, this format has proved to me that it's rock solid, even more solid than DAT and DCC, the words digital and tape dont belong together, a very bad idea. You're right i have to admit, the audio converters in these pieces of equipment are absolutely beautiful sounding, a classic example of 44.1Khz done properly, iv'e dabbled in "high res" music in the past and have found it to be complete nonsense, in fact in a lot of cases they sound worse due to aliasing and distortion etc, ive never had any such problems with minidiscs ever, iv'e got discs here i recorded 23 years ago and they're still 100% perfect, this format needs to return, the type R and S machines are magic. I'm now on the hunt and trying to find somewhere that i can buy empty minidisc cases, some sellers on ebay are charging ridiculous amounts of money for them, preferably the type that i can print J cards with. What i do is print them then laminate them with my A4 laminator, this gives them UV protection and stops them from fading. EDIT: On a side note: I will also say i have NEVER in my 50 years of being alive heard ANY av amp sound as good in 2CH stereo mode as these Sony amps (STR-DB940) this thing destroys my technics amp for stereo sound that cost twice as much. And my Yamaha AV amp sounds absolutely horrible in stereo, i mean really bad, there is no bass there is no treble its all midbass in stereo mode, and the stereo seperation is just horrendous.
  8. But it's 8dB lower than it should be It seems to me that most radio stations broadcast hard clipped to 0dB apart from BBC stations that don't use compression only limiters (Better sound) but peaking at -8dB doesn't seem right to me, it's a very odd number, after all most commercial FM stations have vehicles in mind to drastically reduce dynamic range (easy listening) and to make sure you get their adverts rammed down your throat. The digital output on my amp wont output to minidisc if you are using any analog source, it does say this in the manual too, so i cannot compare analog to digital levels, the remote controller for my amp has been sent off for repair so im not sure if there are any settings on it that raise the analog outs in any way.
  9. Ive noticed on my amp when recording FM radio to minidisc using the analog outs of the amp (Sony STR-DB940) going in to my Sony JB-930 Minidisc recorder the levels are very low, all the FM stations are peaking at -8dB on the meter of my recorder, this is with the recorder set to 0dB recording level, i have to set the recorder to +8dB to obtain a peak of 0dB I have a roof mounted +5dB gain antenna and all the radio stations are very strong and theyre all peaking at -8dB Any idea why this is happening? is the output of the amp the wrong type? Cheers.
  10. Best little soundcard ive ever bought and theyre only £8, with toslink in and out, an ideal way of instantly outputting audio from a laptop and back again for two way digital recording, and believe it or not it sounds absolutely brilliant through analog or digital. C-media CM6206 Dont waste your money on expensive soundcards. and avoid ANY USB soundcard with a Micro-USB connector, they are absolutely horrible. And have an extremely small USB pin contact area which can corrupt digital signal transfers just by touching the cable.
  11. Hello just wondered if there was any way of getting audacity to add track markers to minidiscs that are recorded via Toslink? I remember years ago Creative having some minidisc software with the Live! and Audigy soundcards, also wondering if that would work if audacity wont. As im aware audacity does have a track mark function but i dont know if it gets sent digitally to my player (Sony MDS-JB930) Cheers.
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