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  1. Hello all, a year ago I bought a MDS-JE510 at a flea market. It has the classic eject error with the microswitch as described in this video: classic eject error fix After I fixed the error, the player ran without problems. I had not used the player a little longer and it stood around unused. But since yesterday it has a weird issue. It pulls the minidisc in and then says "Welcome" and "Eject" alternately and tries to eject the disc. Unfortunately the eject does not work. So I always have to get the disc out manually. In rare cases it accepted the disc and played it without problems. I have tried with many different discs. But the problem is always the same. Here I have a few videos about the error: Player working, but behaving strange when inserting disc Strange Eject Error Has anyone had the same issue and can help me out?
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