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MDS-JE510 eject error, but not the classic one

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Hello all,
a year ago I bought a MDS-JE510 at a flea market. It has the classic eject error with the microswitch as described in this video:


classic eject error fix


After I fixed the error, the player ran without problems. I had not used the player a little longer and it stood around unused. But since yesterday it has a weird issue. It pulls the minidisc in and then says "Welcome" and "Eject" alternately and tries to eject the disc. Unfortunately the eject does not work. So I always have to get the disc out manually. In rare cases it accepted the disc and played it without problems. I have tried with many different discs. But the problem is always the same.

Here I have a few videos about the error:

Player working, but behaving strange when inserting disc

Strange Eject Error

Has anyone had the same issue and can help me out?

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Hi @Mr. Milchgraf - welcome to the forum.


I've got no direct experience of the MDS-JE510 (I do have the earlier MDS-JE500, which I think is very similar, but the eject mechanism has, so far, been fine).


There are a couple of older threads here relating to eject issues with the 510. Not sure if any of them offer any possible things to try? 





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I just watched your videos (thanks!).


I'm still tempted to think that disc detection microswitch is not happy. Did you replace the switch or "rectify" the activation pressure on the switch?


I think I'd look at that switch again as otherwise your machine looks happy. (Although on first watching I thought the load was a bit sluggish but it does at least look smooth).

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