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  1. Bump, price reduced to $100
  2. Hello guys, I have a nw-a806 in very good condition here. It was used moderately for 6 months and in good condition overall. I will include all accessories with the player. I also have the official silicon case kit (including a white and black silicon case), which I will bundle in with the player for free. Asking for $120 along with shipping cost. Because I have no experience dealing with international buyers, I want to keep this sale within the USA only. I accept Paypal. Thanks! Here is a few images of the player and all accessories:
  3. DCIM did the trick, thanks
  4. Does anybody know the exact name of the picture folder so that the nw-a806 can recognize it. I first name the folder "Pictures", that doesn't work; "photo" and "photos"' don't work either. If anybody can lookup the official name of their picture folder, I'll be grateful.
  5. Zephir

    Sony S71x

    Also, if you look below, the new s71x can connect to an MD unit via a propriety connector also, pretty cool. So yeah, we're always screwed by Sony here at America. Oh well, maybe it's time for the yp-p2 for me from samsung.
  6. If somebody can look at the source code for nwz-a818, maybe they can modify the source code for nw-a808 to support mtp file transfer and drag-and-drop also. Anybody capable of doing that?
  7. According to this topic over at anythingbutipod.com, the A8XX series runs on linux 2.6.10 kernel derivative. Can anybody use the source code to modify the firmware to support WMP11? Just a thought. http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19560 Found exact source code for nw-a8xx, here you go: http://www.sony.net/Products/Linux/Downloa...06_NW-A805.html OOh, even more interesting, source code for nwz-a818: http://www.sony.net/Products/Linux/Downloa...6_NWZ-A818.html Also, source code for firmware 1.02 on nw-a8xx: http://www.sony.net/Products/Linux/Downloa...5_20070829.html
  8. Workaround to install Applocale in Vista: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/05/26/w...-windows-vista/
  9. http://www.pmptoday.com/2007/08/08/sony-pm...rives-in-china/ Looks quite nice but the screen is kinda small.
  10. Well, I really have to consider the size of my player, which is not alot, so mp3 may be a little bit too big for my player. I tried to put some song into the player using 192kbps atrac3plus and it sounds pretty much the same as the mp3 version (to my non-audiophile ear of course ) Maybe when I upgrade to a higher capacity player then I'll use mp3. For now, I guess I have to stick to what I have. HD player is also a no go because I'm afraid I may drop it from a considerable height and damage the harddrive inside.
  11. Well, to save space on my nw-a806, I have decided to either go with 160kbps atrac3plus or 192kbps atrac3plus. Is there any noticeable different between listening to 160kbps atrac3plus and listening to 192kbps atrac3plus? Thanks in advance.
  12. Haha, that's true. The reason why I would use Atrac is to save space, otherwise, if I ever get my hand on an nw-a808, I would use AAC. thanks
  13. Assume that the bit rate is the same, does ATRAC3 plus or MP3 sound better on the nw-a806?
  14. the sale's off, I'll be keeping it since noone is interested. Thanks anyway guys.
  15. It's 300 euros which is about $450, correct me if i'm wrong, and I honestly think this is a bit too high compared to those like new players sold on ebay for around $200
  16. Zephir


    If you're using Mac, You can use bootcamp to emulate Windows and then install Sonicstage on that emulated Windows. Otherwise, I don't think there is any 3rd party software yet that supports the nw-a808
  17. bump, still available for those interested
  18. Thanks fahad , I'm similar to you. "Made in Japan" things are always the best because they are built with high quality standard and last a long time. I still have a fully functional clock "made in Japan" that I received as a gift 10 years ago.
  19. I don't think I can change the battery from 500mA to 100, because there's no option for that I guess the battery's going to be okay then, thanks guys
  20. I get new music every so often before my player runs out of battery, and everytime I plug the player into the computer to transfer music the player keeps charging, and I'm afraid that's not gonna be good for the battery. Is there an option to turn off usb charging while i transfer music and then turn it back on later when my player is low in battery?
  21. Zephir

    NW-806 vs. Clix2

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed because I'm not As for the german proverb, I know a similar one over here, but it's a little hard to translate, so we'll leave it at your byword
  22. Zephir

    NW-806 vs. Clix2

    Yes, that is very true, the battery life is reduced significantly by using SD card. However, there are rumors that this will be fixed with the next firmware, and let me tell you, cowon releases firmwares regularly to fix problems and add new functions. Flash player (the same one on the clix 2) has been added and note pad function has been added. Equalizer has been modified so that not only you can move each separate band vertical but now you can move them horizontal to cover a wider range of sound. BBE effect is absolutely amazing since it makes the music sound full and rich. you can even turn off equalizer and use BBE alone to get pure sound with no modification. the d2's 78 mw output enables you to plug the player directly into any speaker system and the sound still remains awesome. 16 million color display doesn't hurt either. the cowon is just awesome all around
  23. I would have to disagree, the cowon d2 has 78 mw output power and the battery is 50 hour playing music, better than the nw-a806
  24. Zephir

    NW-806 vs. Clix2

    A lot, and i repeat, a lot of people have worried that the top of the clix 2 going to come off their player because of the flimsy design. However, it is a very sturdy player over all and with the care that you give to any electronics, it's going to last a long time. As for SQ, a very trusted review site has said that the clix 2 is on par with the nw-a808 in term of sound quality (www.trustedreviews.com) also, it is not fair to go here to get one side of the problem. You can go to clixhere.net and hear what people say about the clix 2. In my opinion, the selling point of nw-a808 over the clix 2 is it's ability to play h264 movie files. As an offset, it lacks many features the clix has (voice recording, fm radio, fm recording) Transfering music is an ease with MTP too (sync with windows media 11) windows media 11 is much much better to organize your music than sonicstage. the clix also supports drag-and-drop function. Clix, in my opinion is just better overall. Edit: forgot to mention, a while ago somebody was selling their clix 2 on ebay because it drop from a moderate height and the screen gets messed up, I have accidentally dropped my nw-a806 too from standing up and it still functions properly. The nw-a806 is much more sturdy compared to the clix, another point you should put into consideration if you're afraid you may drop the player anytime soon. nw-a806 also has better battery life too (30 hours music, 8 hours video compared to the clix's 25 hour music) Maybe you would like a cowon d2 with touchscreen along with all function of the clix 2 with a whooping 50 hours of music. I have both the nw-a806 and the cowon d2 and i have to say that the cowon does sound better plus you have SD card expansion.
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