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  1. I love the new index search for MP4 videos. You can search in 5 increments, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 2, or 5 minute intervals. And when you change these settings on the fly, the PSP instantly updates the thumbnails to match the corresponding interval time. Also, going to this search is easy from the video being played. Just push "square" and you're there. You can also repeat video in a particular folder. Props to Sony for continuously updating the video function on the PSP.
  2. You are correct. One more thing I notice on my black 8 gig 3G Nano, is the video will often play choppy or even freeze for a quick moment. Just the video does this, the audio in the video chugs along smoothly. And the video, when it does lag, catches up with the audio, so there is no audio/video sync problems ever. Not all video files do this, so I can't pinpoint the problem yet, Also, the A80X has a quality put-together screen. My 3G Nano's screen was put together sorta off centered. I'm hearing people are sending theirs back because of this, but the screens viewing area is not obscured at all, even though it is not centered perfectly.
  3. Just picked up a Black 8 gig Apple Nano from the Apple store in Madison Wi. FYI, video does NOT play continuously to the next video file like the NW-A800's do. Video cannot even be repeated over again. Also, the video looks great, no audio/video sync problems BUT......the video framerate gets choppy often. I use the same mp4 files on my 2gig Sony memory stick duo on my PSP with NO choppiness whatsoever. Music wise, still no custom EQ like the NW-A800. The Nano has way slicker menus than the NW-A800's, but thats where it ends. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents out to those torn whether or not to get a the new Nano or a NW-A800. Oh yeah, you get the same cheap earbuds with the nano to.
  4. I have been thinking the same thing yesterday Jillako. What I might do is buy my wife the pink 2gb A818, and if I like it I'll pick up a black 8 gig. But for now, I'll stick with the PSP. Your right, there is so much this thing does, except make phone calls, and I dont care about that. Why would I want to be bothered by a phone call while I'm in the middle of a game or movie?! Besides the PS3 2 PSP connectivity, I use every feature on the PSP. Wifi, RSS, internet and all you can do with it, music, in which it still supports ATRAC, photos, game demos and UMDs. For a $170 US dollars, you can't find a better device that covers all these bases, so I agree with your thinking. Plus they added video out and smaller features like 28 background colors in all for the wallpaper including the 1 custom setting. One thing, I'm waiting for though in the next update, and that is continuous playback of video clips. I'm a MST3K fan, and it would be nice to watch all ten clips from Youtube without having to start each individual one up. I'm using a 2gig memory stick now, but when 8gig cards come down cheap enough, which should be happening soon, Ill pick one of those up. In the case of getting a new Walkman, I guess for me is what is more for my money. Somehow I feel like if I get a A818, it is sorta like overkill. If the new Walkmans had speakers, I dont care how how tinny they would sound, I would probably get one. I don't always like to use headphones, especially when I go to sleep. And that brings me to my last point. If I can't sleep and need a good movie to fall asleep to, I used to turn on the DVD player and TV and try to sleep. Now all I do is start a movie on the PSP, turn the screen off, and listen to it from its speakers. I've probably saved a fortune in electric bills my not running my TV/DVD players all night.
  5. I look on the sonystyle USA site and pictures confirm this. So the 8gig A818 is $230, which has the better ear buds and no FM tuner, and the 8gig S618 is $210 and has a FM tuner and cheaper ear buds. Which would you opt for? I guess is depends on if one already has a good set of earbuds already.
  6. I believe the s61X series come with stiff headphones, like the ones they supply with the PSP
  7. Check 'em out here.
  8. I was just looking at the specs for format---no ATRAC?!?!
  9. I assume it will be WMP 11 compatible. Great news, even though this walkman is coming ashore here in the states with no advertising noise whatsoever. The only thing is, I wish engadget would state their source for this info. Check the article here.
  10. Where is this video at? Nice pics though, sweet player.
  11. Bazooka

    After all that....

    I read various news stories about the slimmer PSP on google news today, and about half of them claim there is a brighter screen for the PSP.
  12. Bazooka

    After all that....

    Yes, I agree, very ho-hum news. Some good, some just boring, one thing I might not like. They say performance, battery, wifi, and cpu will be better. But I dont know if I will like the headphone jack located directly under the "Home" button. I do like the 2 front speakers raised up. Video out is a BIG plus. And I like Star Wars and all, but Star Wars Edition anything seems too played out for me. And a image of Darth Vader on the battery cover isnt very original.
  13. Yes, I tried it, and what a world of a difference. I used 3GP converter that had the Motion Jpeg 480X272 setting. Problem is, the files are HUGE! 10 minutes of video is around 350mb.
  14. Seeing that this unit wont make it here to the US, I was wondering where is the best place to import one. Does Sony Canada let me do this from their website, or do I have to go through a importer? Thanks.
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