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  1. u should have done some research about NWZ walkman before ur purchase man, cause that way u wouldn't be feeling pissed like this. why would anyone want to buy discomfort and anger? u can just keep using whatever u were using previously or switch the brand camp, i mean this NWZ-A820 thing is considered to be a great product by people who need 2.4 screen, bt, drag and drop, majority of the consumers are not hardcore walkman atracfans, that's why they are happy just with the NWZ walkmans, how many people really have the time to care and know about sq, atrac, or whatever technical stuff, though it's a shame for atracfans. I haven't heard any processed sound on NWZ or NW-A820 so far myself.....i like it better than NW-A800, i think NW-910 should be the most impressive atrac walkman around in terms of design, sq and it has the best feel in ur hands, however it's only sold in japan.
  2. Australia is going to be the last country to get anything new in terms of electronic gadgets, espeically things from sony, that's just the situation in here, DSC-T300 is going to be out soon, yet sony australia informs u of T200. by the time I get either a A829 or a A729 on my quick trip to hongkong, australia sony probably still will not say anything about new walkman......when they do sell it, then the price will be very scary, from sony hongkong $380 AUD is enough to buy a NWZ-A829 (16G)+DR-BT22 or BT20NX, $283AUD for a 8GB model+DR-BT22 or BT20NX, but of course A72X series will even be cheaper when it comes out.
  3. sony customer service people are all a joke, they know nothing about walkman or product quality details,bluetooth sq is the way to go, it's something very normal in japan, people enjoy their music that way for a long time now. bluetooth feature is also very useful, u have to listen for yourself to compare to CX300 etc, but it beats cx300 in my experience.
  4. NWZ-A820 has 2.4 inches for the screen size, that's pretty nice already, if u know how large is 2.4 inches for a screen, then you already know how it looks like before u go to the store. This is sony not apple, so it's a perfect piece of hardware. It is larger than the NWZ-S61X series for sure
  5. gotthat

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    lamewing average consumers can't think as much as what u know, majority of people just don't know that much about this and that, they will be happy to use whatever like say ipod yeah scroll everything. I have seen more heaps of people nowdays in sydney with the NWZ models, cause they wouldn't give a crap about atrac from the start. so lucky majority of the consumers are not like walkman fanboys or know products well like u do, it allows sony just to simply do a NWZ line and sell to the majority. i too don't want to see atrac gone from the west, cause nowdays import is the only way to enjoy atrac walkman, i usually only import games and consoles but not walkman yet
  6. gotthat

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    wise move by sony since that's the going to please people who need this non atrac NWZ models, so now ss and atrac are still with japanese NW walkman, then it's good news for any people who can and like to import their stuff from japan
  7. just on the issue of displaying track titles and album names in english etc, all that kind of displays and operation of a japanese menu walkman are not a problem, bit of common sense and memory then u will be able to operate it fine in your hands. 3*3 menu, very simple to use without language barrier English does appear when it should appear, even some of the chinese characters will appear too. I have heard from other walkman fanboys that it's going to be released around 20th of march in japan? 16GB for 38000 yen? 8GB for 28000 yen? though offical price and release date should come out soon for japan walkman, if so then that's very considerate price, BT rules then
  8. This is such a silly reality, u ask your local sony about the new NWZ players, then they go:"how did u find that out, where is your source of information?" or they tell you:"what are u talking about?". Well Australia will be the last country to get anything good from sony, but it will receive the worst price. you may just import a 16GB one from Japan (atrac is so good), you seriously don't need to know any japanese to understand the menu, it's just common sense and it will not break when u take care of your walkman
  9. gotthat

    nw-a919 question

    I guess nobody can answer that original question is because nobody has brought that player yet, so they can't try it on their english version SS and OS. The only product review that I have read is from a Taiwanese user. He happened to know Japanese for one and therefore he had no trouble using it. His laptop also had japanese OS and SS. It's all in Japanese, however some characters can be read by Chinese, only for those Chinese characters that also do appear in Japanese. Navigation is user friendly if you are not seriously troubled by Japanese, in Asia region heaps of people buy Japanese video games and products even though they don't know any Japanese, they can live with it, cause things are just too good from Japan.
  10. nowdays Sony has so much success with Walkman phones, but the Walkman player becomes much quiter compare to before. last year people were bitching about Sony is unable to release a 16GB Walkman until 2009 (what about NW-A900 and NW-A82X?) and Sony doesn't have a touch screen (buttons design is better and who knows that they may have a touch screen eventually), now right after the great Walkman NW-A900 series, they have the new Walkman ready to be released soon and it's nice to have a 16GB space with the best sq around
  11. gotthat

    sony mylo 2 is nice

    people will pick apple stuff over sony, especially for the ipod series, that's just the way it is right now, Sony has got great products, but people will leave it alone and go for apple, Walkman is an example. Mylo 2 looks good, nothing horrible looking comes out of the J-tech company, but seriously even psp can be a alright replacement for Mylo since it will get firmware update soon, plus 08 will be a even better year for psp from the CES interview. if that's not enough for anyone, then nokia or SE phones can do the trick, these mobiles are just too amazing, or maybe people can pick something out of the apple camp.
  12. JB HI has cheaper 4GB mp3 player, it's like AUD 89, either it's from korea or australia, sq is uncertain, probably same as the unbranded one that u have got. Beside Sony's troublesome software part, everything else with walkman is very good, now u can even have non atrac walkman as well, there are just way too many low sq quality mp3 around like what u mentioned and also like ipod etc, so just enjoy the walkman mate
  13. There are so many discussions and sq comparison about NW-S706 and NW-A800/NWZ-A810 players in this forum from people who have both units, or they used to have both units. http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...20&start=20 http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4265 http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4157 http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4075 http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4130
  14. what a walkman!!!!!! NC+TV+recording capabilities, little walkman big functions, Japanese consumers are very forunate to have this, the sale must be good
  15. so many good stuff u got with the release of NWZ-610, finally in Australia we don't have to pay some 500 AUD for a 8GB walkman (still 400 AUD after sony changed the price), that's just too crazy, NWZ-A810 players are also cheaper to afford. i just wonder how freaky the price will be if ever Australia gets a 16Gb walkman, maybe much more than the ipod touch 16GB
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