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    It can do gapless WAV files like what juli has said, it's a good surprise, at least for people who really need it, also since 16GB space is here, maybe it's give people more space to load their songs in any way that they want.
  2. this is one interesting thread, I am not sure whether "normal" or "average" users would get lost in this or not, cause they may just want to load their music and listen to it on the go.......but what's really another complaint floating on the internet is that some users say that it gives you such a cheap feel when you touch it, but there are users who defend and say that this walkman is not made to be a cheap thing, it feels like you are touching a dell XPS or high end laptop material....so many things revolve around NWZ-A820 wherever you look
  3. Here is a interview transcript for the designers of the Sony NC S series player, they did not talk deep about technologies, as they just want the consumers to know the general making of the MP3. During the translation i even needed to borrow some lines from Sony site, uncertain whether they did this in Japan or not, but i only found the Chinese version. They have also designed the NW-A series too. 1 Clear Stero and Clear Bass are our new technologies Project manager: For a full stero experience, music is meant to be enjoyed independently by two ears. But many players fall ashort, losing balance and leaking sounds from channel to channel, ear to ear. With the combination of Clear Stero and Clear Bass technologies, S700F series is the most perfect portable audio device, it carries our ultimate message and goal: enjoy music to its purest and original sound. 2 A portable audio device that has a in built NC function, this is a such specialized product, agree? Project manager: A long time ago Sony has already invented the NC technology, we actually sold the NC techology as NC earphones. To supply the NC earphones for any walkman is something very easy for Sony to do. However NC earphones normally carry batteries and NC controls on the unit, this is very incompatiable with the fashionable look of the player, therefore we decided to build the NC function into the player itself. 3 Wish you guys the best! Engineer: It is very hard to build the NC function into the player. The problem is the shape of the earphones plug. The usual NC earphones, which have two small microphones built into the outside of each earpiece to monitor external noise, the noise are analysed, reversed and reduce up to 75% of the noise. But the standard earphone plug is not suited to have two mic on either of the earphones Project manager: I can not accept any idea which will increase the size of the earphones and the player, i need a suitable NC earphones design that can go well with the player. Engineer: Therefore we have modified the NC earphones plug to suit a small walkman, if you like the stock earphones, then you can enjoy the music with NC result. Of course you can use your own favourite earphones, so that the player can carry the NC function along with the compatiability of other earphones. The player handles all the signal processing, so that you can adjust the mic using the menu selection. Project manager: After you use the NC function, you will realize that for so long we have listened music in such noisy environment. To me NC is not optional but a must have property of a player. We certainly hope more people enjoy this way of listening to music. 4 Project design: all of the members feel crazy towards such impressive look, this is the most perfect walkman Designer: We wanted to use the "music image" concept of the NW-A series for the design of NW-S700F. We don't think everchanging is such a good idea, design was not done on a piece of paper or just a plain computer image. It is a very special player that no word can describe, we had a 3D model first, so everybody had a idea how the product may look. Project manager: When we saw the beautiful model of the player, we gave our approval without a second thought. The design and look of the player gave us the motivation to develop further and tackle on any obstacles.Thus overcoming the earphones plug problem and not only the player has a in built active NC function, but you can even use other earphones. Engineer: To put the look and the function all together in the player, the layout of different parts in the player was the hardest compare to other walkman. Function is more important than the look Designer: Good design should allow all of the functions to appear on the outside of the player. We focused on the position of jog/shuttle button, how vol, hold for examples should be allocated. The reason to use jog/shuttle is so that operation can be done using one hand, also it fits the 3D look of the surface, as well as increase the precison of control. Project manager: all of the designers they use walkman too during everyday listening, it is always easy for us to find spots to be improved. Engineer: We use the same techniques for sun glasses making to do the surface of the player. So that it can look smooth and clean, it fits the screen and buttons. Project manager: we continue to use OELD on the player, this is the Sony signature design, the player looks transparent and we even put some colors for the screen to show album arts. 5 From A series to S series Designers: We seriously reflected and reviewed upon the experience of making NW-A player. Sometimes we would receive harsh comment, for example:"why it takes Sony so long to design players"......to be honest we need time to accumulate our knowledges and techniques. Therefore this time S series is the result of our extensive reflection and we have put the best of Sony walkman features all together to make it. We cannot evolve walkman that easily and quickly. 6 We want you to enjoy everyday music on the S series player, there is a great difference Project manager: If you still haven't purchased the player, let me tell you another little detail. This particular player is a summary of the best Sony walkman features so far. It can also play ATRAC、MP3、WMA、AAC and the new ATRAC Advanced Lossless, which will let you enjoy CD quality music. Project manager: please try the NC function, you will hear a completely different sound, just to bring you guys such function, we went through so much trouble..... Engineer: Hey trouble? This is not a lucky word for us hehe Project manager: Our Sony creative team's ultimate goal is to make the impossibles into possible easily, no sweat hehe We gather here today because we want to give our effort and time for something worthy. We have finally overcome all of those problems which slowed us and made us hesitating. We truly believe that even if you are bored with music, this player will refresh your interest I still remeber when i was in primary school, the first time when i was using a walkman, i felt so excited and emotional. Nowdays many people can use DAP easily, we hope that through our player, people can once again find that new and surprised feeling
  4. From Bravia T model, Sony Ericsson S model and now the Sony MP4 P model, Sony during the past few years has started to develop China Only products. From the early this year both Japan and China Sony press acclaimed that Sony has shifted the attention from US to China, to balance any loss, increase the profit and also develop further winning potentials in the future. Many factories were closed and investment was given to China much more. The product flow to China has increased dramatically. The quality and design of this PMX-M70 is different from the previous MP3 CE-P. It looks much better than the Sony Ericsson S model (S500C and S700C). I rate the previous China Only model 2 out 5. i don't think Chinese team did a great job, but with this PMX-M70 it is more of Japan guided product, Which made it the same standard player as the NW-A800 during the May national press. PSP did not unfortunately interfer with the sale of MP4 in China, the great competition exists everyday bewteen different brands, it serves a good chance for Sony to grab more share, what makes the PMX-M70 changed and improved is that 1) Japanese Walkman designer é«˜ç¯ é?™é›„ was appointed to be the boss of Sony China last year, with a survey based preparation, the player development was directed and suggested by him, thus making a great difference compare to the shameful CE-P. He is regarded as the father of walkman in the company, as 1979 he designed and participanted the making of the first walkman TPS-L2. The player looks different from a PSP and operates differently from a PSP, there are many more other brand MP3 or MP4 which look closer to a PSP. 15th of May Sony China head of audio entertainment Mr Li XiuZhong described the sound quality of the NW-800, PMX-M70, U50 as impressive and high standard. father of walkman holds the two P players and Mr Li XiuZhong with NW-A800 2) The choice of the MDR-NC22 and the PMX-M70 as a combo sell is not a coincidence, it could have been MDR-EX90 to be pushed to the deal, but the Japan creative centre designers of the NW-S706 was interviewed by Sony China and they did talk about the experience of making a true Sony product with the NC concept. PMX-M70 is a huge departure from the previous CE-P, i do believe the contribution of Japanese designers is more than just guidance, but rather the two P players carry high expectations to win the market, or else it has no point to be made from the start. By the way japanese designer acclaimed that the NW-S706 is the result of long and extensive reflection upon previous Sony DAPs, it is the perfect summary of all of the best features from Sony from design to the SQ, they are in particularly proud of the look and the NC functions. Here are some of the designers who made the smartest NC player so far and the NW-A model There are plenty homework for the Sony China creative centre to do, as Sony plans to build a 6th and 7th one in the future, i think Chinese designers need much more creativity, at least it is good to see the work of Japan and China Sony together building the empire
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