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    otiasj, I'm using your piece of software with a portable version of Winamp and I can tell I didn't encounter any problem so far with WA 5.1 or 5.2 (of course, when I first tried to use more recent releases, I had to face some crashes, but I only have myself to blame). I hope you will make some minor tweaks to ml_sony in the future so that we can use it as a standalone application, which would make using it easier (like SWEx does it quite perfectly, in my opinion) but, so far, I can only thank you for your excellent job. Merci beaucoup de sacrifier de ton temps libre pour nous.
  2. Juppe, please come and give us some news! You did an excellent job so far so it'd be nice from you to make some minor tweaks in order to polish your software, if you can find the time. Hopefully he will read our messages one day!
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    +1 It would be nice if we could see some updates for this software. So far, I didn't encounter any problem while using it but if Juppe could give us some news (or the source, for those who can code), that would be really appreciated. Nice application, by the way. I have to congratulate Juppe for his work.
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