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  1. I too have recently set up WiFi in my house but for the life of me, find it impossible to get my psp to connect..............any hints or tips / settings / screen shots that would help. I know it'll be awesome when I do connect, just frustrated that I can't for the time being. Appreciate any advice. Tks
  2. Decided to ditch Connect & go for Sonicstage 4.3, successfully uploaded & started to transfer, again managed about twenty tracks before the dreaded 'System Error...' message came up again on my A3000, really am stuck as to what to do next. Come on fellow Atraclifer's - help me out please. Tks
  3. It's happenned exactly the same again, after I think I've solved it & done everything, the same system error is coming up on my A3000, help please !!!
  4. AFter just over one year of ownership, things tarted to go wrong with my A3000 when I was on holiday over New Year. Tracks started to skip & then the buttons weren't responsive. Since returning, I've reset & initialized the unit & tried to transfer new songs but now I'm getting a message on the unit ' System Error No 32 & even my pc is now saying there's a problem with the usb connection. Apart from Connect which is a pain in the @ss, I really love this machine & am at my wits end as to what I can do next to make it work properly again. Any help would be very appreciated. Tks,
  5. with manual recording levels too, also what about an additional / external battery pack for those long haul trips ?
  6. Didn't realise you can still play the unit when charging, is this both with mains & usb ?????
  7. on my A3000, what am I doing wronh, get to the OPTIONS part & the the on/off bit but after that, nothing, HELP !!!!!!!!! Tks,
  8. I'm heavily into Nu-Jazz / Jazz House, soul, R'n'b - perhaps we should post a top 10 or 20 of our favourites from 2005 to give everyone a flavour of some of the stuff we like ? TSM
  9. Noted, tks. Will have a chance to play more with Connect over New Year, & also try my remote from my minidisc too. Tks, TSM
  10. Every single shop here in the UK only had pirple one's (even duty free in Gatwick & Heathrow when I transitted thru there a couple of weeks ago), I wanted the black cause it looks mega cool so ordered it direct from Sony UK, they only came into stock on Dec 15th so was lucky to get one. Noted re your comments regarding Connect - will play about with it more over the New Year period.
  11. Ok, thanks for clarification but I've just recently joined & only made a handful of posts so far so should I have such a rating ? TSM
  12. What does this mean ? Warn (%) followed by 5 squares ?????? TSM
  13. No problem whatsoever but no idea how I manage to upload them to the site here, I'll maybe have to pm them to someone ?????? Maybe also give me the chance to photo some of my other stuff - I can do a side by side comparison with my 5gb I-River H10. TSM
  14. Got a NW-A3000 (Black) 20gb player for Xmas so last night was the first opportunity to upload Connect & try to transfer some songs to the player. Have to say that Connect wasn't the most slickest of software packages to load onto the pc but after about 45 mins, was all done & dusted & also upgraded to V2.01 as well. Successful transfer to the player of about a dozen tracks only so far, seemed to go quick quickly but have to say that Connect initially didn't exactly impress however, no major issues so thankfully will be able toload more over the next few days. Sound on the unit itself was quite superb, even with the supplied in ear buds so will have to try them with my Koss Porta Pro & Sennheiser PX200, but my next task is to 'unlock' the volume limiter (thanks to the instructions on another thread here), and then try to work out how I can transfer my minidisc recordings on my MZ-NH1 through Sonicstage & then onto Connect. Bit of a challenge ahead so if anyone has experience of this, any hints or tips would be very much apprecaited. Tks, TSM
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