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  2. What exactly happens when you try to upload the track - is there any indication of progress in terms of a % complete? Any error messages? * Moved to Software Discussion section
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  4. Richard

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all the MDCF members! Thanks for your continued support in 2008 and hope you hvae a great 2009!
  5. A further update for the BDP-S300 has been released - version 4.40 corrects minor playback issues with some of the latest discs. Euro version here The BDP-S500 has had version 4.20 released and that is here for Europe. The US support pages don't have these latest versions up yet but when they do the links from the previous post should still be valid to get the latest files. I experienced a couple of lock ups on The Dark Knight on the S300 which were not major but which I'm hoping this fixes.
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  7. Okay, I am locking this thread, please continue the discussion via PM.
  8. Richard

    Which Hi-MD

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  9. Sorry I'm a liitle late, but hope you had a great day Aaron.
  10. Happy Birthday Ishii - Hope you have a fantastic birthday mate!
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  13. A further update for the BDP-S300 was released today. Version 4.30 corrects some playback issues with the latest discs, notably the latest Bond re-issues. It contains no new functionality and is available from the Sony US / Europe support sites.
  14. Just watched Iron Man on BD.
  15. Be aware that the links above are for the BDP-S300 & S500 models. For the BDP-S350 there is a firmware update available which adds the BD-Live functionality, which if you cannot connect it to your internet connection via the ethernet port to use the network update feature, you can download the firmware from Sony Support and make an update disc as was the case for updating older models. See here: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-downl...79&os_id=29
  16. * Topics merged and moved to relevant location.
  17. Last two films / releases I watched this week were - You Don't Mess With The Zohan & Pride & Prejudice on Blu-Ray.
  18. I have a Sony PRS-505 Reader which I have had since July and it is great. Extremely well built, simple to use and a great battery life.
  19. Just watched Big Deal On Madonna Street (I Soliti Ignoti)
  20. ALC should hopefully be back up by Monday. Both MDCF and ALC were moved to a new server and there were some issues post-move for AtracLife.
  21. I am sorry that the site is still down, Chris is currently looking into it, but is still trying to work out the cause of the outage. Obviously he is trying to fit this in around his regular daily work schedule so it may still take a little while. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  22. I spoke to him yesterday and he was looking into it. We're still trying to establish what the cause was. But it's a good excuse for you guys to get busy posting over here.
  23. Richard


    Yeah, I'm working on it. :-) Sorry I took my eye off the ball.
  24. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation for a few days. I will try and speak to Chris this afternoon and will confirm the situation for you.
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