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  1. Excellent photo tutorial Neffi - I have split this out into it's own topic. * Moved to Hi-MD
  2. It could just be an issue with the domain / server issue or possibly the site was hacked again as happened recently when it disappeared off google. (There was a hack attack on the blog page). I don't think it is closed, but I haven't been able to verify with Kurisu yet. It's no good jumping to hasty conclusions and to say the site owners have no integrity is downright untrue.
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  4. Richard

    Sharp 821

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  8. What a great piece of work, awesome topic Avrin * Thread Pinned
  9. It's in the Sonic Stage faq here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8071 - but I will double check to find out the latest version for download and update the link in that post.
  10. Th NH3D cable whilst not a standard USB cable is the same as the cable for any of the following models - MZ-N10/MZ-DH10P/MZ-NH1 so a search on ebay for a cable compatible with any of the above should work.
  11. Unfortunately the ads are a necessary evil and provide imcome for the site. Premium Members and VIP's however are immune to them. So I guess you could if you wish either make a small contribution for a premuim membership, or prove yourself to be a valuable asset to the community and maybe become a VIP. * Moved to relevant sub-section
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  13. * Multiple topics merged and moved to Find Your Minidisc section. - SKDX - please avoiding posting the same topic in several forums - thanks!
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  15. Sonic Stage will work fine on Vista but you will need to use version 4.3. * Moved to Software Discussion section
  16. The SS 4.0 full installer is no longer available unfortunately, we will be putting up an updated 4.3 full installer sometime soon over at MDCF and possibly here also.
  17. Happy Birthday Jacques if you are still reading, hope you have a great day!
  18. Listening to Oscar G | Live @ Space 1-01 Introduction (Welcome To Club Space) 1-02 Ilay & Beat C High (Chab Remix) 1-03 Richie Santana Werq 1-04 Futuristic Tonight (G-Pal's Creative Mix) 1-05 Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. Mekkanika 1-06 Alma Matris Rapido (Giangi's Dark Male Mix) 1-07 Donna Summer I Feel Love 1-08 Laurent C Get Back To The Music 1-09 Supermodel DJ's @ Work 1-10 Stryke Domino 1-11 Richie Santana Drums Control 1-12 Mr. C Circles Of Love (Murk Big Fat Mix) 1-13 X Factor, The Desert Rain (Alma Matris Dark Rain Mix) 1-14 Boriqua Bandits Midnight Expresso (DJ Disciple Remix) 2-01 Introduction 2-02 Alex Dolby Psiko Garden 2-03 Deep City (2) Envy Me (Subway Baby Remix) 2-04 Phil Kieran Vital 3 (Part 1) 2-05 Digistar Rock 2-06 Franssen vs. Lowdown Dead Man Talking 2-07 Jürgen Driessen Help Me (Chris Cowie Mix One) 2-08 Stanny Franssen Specific Ground 2-09 John "DNR" Alvarez Before The Storm 2-10 Puncher The Wall (Saeed & Palash Knockout Remix) 2-11 Liquid Art Tracker 2-12 Frank Biazzi Turbulence
  19. * Topic Moved to Hi-MD section
  20. Not sure, I know Marck from MDCenter.nl did some testing when we previewed the unit - his results were as follows for a Pentium IV 2.8ghz: SP -> PCM 10x SP -> Hi-SP 8x mono -> PCM 16x mono -> Hi-SP 12x LP2 15x LP4 26x In case you're interested the review article was here: http://www.mdcenter.nl/artikelen/mzrh1/index_en.php
  21. 29000 seems a little steep for a used unit - you can get them new for around 30-32.
  22. This driver should work: http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/downlo...;f=VISTA_NET_HI SS 4.3 is the last version of Sonic Stage for MD and is compatible with Vista. * Moved to Software Discussion section
  23. I assume you are talking about 1GB blanks? - Have you tried Minidisc Oz - http://www.minidisc.com.au/himd-blanks-c-2_48.html The prices aren't as low as they have had them at in the past but they do seem to have some in stock.
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