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  1. hurraah you're my hero! thank you i'm sorry if this is too much to ask but can the instructions from somewhere in this thread be copied and pasted into a .txt and included in the zip?
  2. Doesn't matter 'cos GYM didn't work even before ML_SONY and after ML_SONY GYM is the same, i.e. Doesn't play on my pc but works fine elsewhere.
  3. I'm using the winamp plugin now with winamp installed on the nwa3000. the gym problem is unusual because it works perfectly on all computers except my own, which is why i don't really think it's a gym problem at all... dunno what it is though. i'm using .NET 1.1 not 2.0...
  4. I'm using GYM 1.2b on my NWA3000 and it loads up fine, I can browse and save tracks, but if I select a track and try to play it the program just freezes, any suggestions?
  5. sh33p

    NW-HD5 Vs NW-A3000

    A3000 = mp3 support for EQ.
  6. There is no salt in the air in humid, tropical, or coastal areas... Not afaia. Your A3000 will survive fine in the Maldives as long as you keep it away from the water and excessive sunlight.
  7. sh33p

    Wish list NW-A3000

    1. Keep the menu on whatever screen it was on after the OLED turns off.. It's annoying scrolling to a particular song or album and then having to re-navigate because the screen "loses" it's place when it goes off. 2. Allow the choice between PC or Line-out playback when connected to a computer via the USB cable (for charging) 3. Allow the option of queuing of playlists or jumping to another playlist/album when the current one has finished. I think Sony reads some forums if not this one, otherwise they would not know what needs to be fixed.
  8. AFAIK GYM doesn't let you upload songs to your player, only download
  9. sh33p

    NW-A3000 Display

    Under the player options there's a Display submenu where you can choose Display 1, Display 2, or Auto. Display 1 and 2 are two different screensavers and Auto automatically turns off the screen after 15s. There are no other choices for display.
  10. umm... GYM can't be used to export tracks to your device, it can only import or playback songs and only those in mp3 format. As long as your ID3 tags are correct, you should be able to browse your music on the player by Album, or by Artist, then Album. At least that's how it works with my A3000. I think most of your questions are posted in the wrong thread... You should really take them to one of the other HD5 threads in the Equipment forum rather than the software discussion.
  11. For the next firmware update, I hope that the player will stop returning to the Now Playing screen after the backlight goes off. It's a bit annoying when I want to queue the next track that's in a different album and I can't just come back to the player and press play, I have to keep pressing buttons to make sure the menu stays "Alive". With my MZ-N10 the player would stay in the menu forever until you quit out. I wish for the same with the A3000... My $0.02
  12. I think the picture is self-explanatory.. Either GYM is missing eight tracks, or CP is reporting an extra 8. There are no atrac songs on my a3000, all are mp3. The Unit Information on the player reports 1415 too... So then why is CP reporting eight extra tracks?
  13. There is nothing else in Test mode you should be playing with.
  14. Yes that is correct, it can be played back only through the AC mains charger. I think the player has to be on before it charging cable is plugged in. The Connecting screen will flash for a while and then the main menu will return. I would like it to be playable when connecting through the USB charger in the event of a lack of a wall socket and there is no other way. And then I remembered GYM. =D However, and as wanting as this may be, I wish there was an option to enable playback thru EITHER the player's line out OR the computer when USB charging. My laptop has terrible speakers. I have the Sony SRS-T77 which is very nice and sounds far better than my laptop speakers. Additionally, the headphone/line out on my computer is much quieter than that on the NWA3000.
  15. I have a pair of EX71's (actually I bought them for my dad)but the problem is I really don't like them because I find the bass is too heavy and over-exaggerated. My aunt and uncle are in the hi-fi manufacturing business and conditioned me into believing heavy bass =/= good sound quality. As a result, my ears have become more sensitive to lower frequencies and hurt after listening with the EX71's for a while. I also like being able to hear what is going on around me, because I listen a lot and I jay-walk. I tried listening with different EQ settings and making a custom profile but I still think the 931's are perfect. I don't suppose anyone with a black A-series walkman will want to donate their pair?
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