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  1. Hi all, I've just downloaded, installed and tested your plug-in. Thanks for your efforts, works great. What bitrate does ML_Sony encode the OMA (ATRAC) files in? Is it possible to change the bitrate? Thanks!
  2. You can in SonicStage CP 4.0 - I just did. I selected two tracks, went to properties and changed the artist name. I could have changed other fields too.
  3. I still haven't sorted out my library (apart from delete duplicate tracks from albums - it's in a right mess). Please does anyone have any ideas?
  4. I asked pretty much the same question, in this thread about 10 days ago. No responses whatsoever. I have tried copying all contents from my NW-A1000 (in Connect) to the library, with varying results (in short, it doesn't seem to work - see the above thread) Seems ridiculous that I haven't been able to copy everything from the NW-A in to the Connect library.
  5. Obli

    Headphone for my A3000

    No, thanks for the reply jrhughs, it's nice to hear comments from someone who actually owns both models. I haven't actually tried the PX-200s *gasp!* but after hearing your informative opinion, I may try them! What I should have said is "the Sennheiser PX-200s do (isolate outide noise) but I read on a random website review that sound quality suffers as a result (in comparison with the PX-100s)". Sorry about that This may be of interest (if you don't know this already); if you look at the links I supplied in my previous post, the frequency responses are quite different for both models.
  6. Obli

    Headphone for my A3000

    Why do people use these 'buds'? Well, OK, so they're small, well hidden and light... but they all sound rubbish in comparison to bigger 'phones. I was very impressed with the Sennheiser PX-100s. They're larger, head-band style headphones but they sound great (fantastic through my hifi, great with the NW-A1000), they're comfortable, light, compact (they fold up in to a case) and are decent value for their performance. I picked up a pair for £29.99 (found them available in Argos) which appears cheaper than the RRP of the Sony MDR-EX71s. Only drawback of these headphones is that they don't isolate outside sound - the Sennheiser PX-200s do but sound quality suffers as a result. Sennheiser PX100s Sennheiser PX200s
  7. Hi, The full sync option in Connect works fine and the device is updated accordingly whenever the Library is updated / changed. However, I've recently been using another PC with Connect. I've transferred extra tracks from the second Library (on the other PC) to my device and now I'd like my Library (on my PC) to be updated accordingly. Can this be done? I've messed up my Library as a result of experimentation - I selected all albums / tracks on my device and pasted in to my Library. I let it take it's time (overnight) and it appears to have messed up a few things: - Some duplicate tracks have been added. So one album for one artist has two of every track. - In the Library list (always sorted by Album Artist / Album), the Album Artist has been ignored, and some of the extra albums have been added to the top of the list with an Album Artist called "n Albums" (say '50'), although a few have correctly been sorted by Album Artist and Album (new Album Artist / Album entries have been made in the Library list). - Some albums that were part of the selection haven't appeared in the Library - no idea why they weren't copied, I gave the action enough time - overnight (6 hours) and my PC's hard drive has more than enough free space to cater for them. Good job my NW-A1000 hasn't been affected at all - I was worried that many albums would be removed from the device (as they weren't in the Library) as it was set to Full Sync. My library is now in a right mess! Full sync'ing the device with the Library works, but not vice versa - is that correct or have I just used the wrong method? Can I delete my entire Library in Connect (with 'manual sync' set on) and then copy all contents from my NW-A back in to the Library to start afresh? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks! Regards, Obli
  8. Nice work! This is useful information, thanks for sharing... I can't believe you're talking to yourself about this! I too have been ripping CDs in ATRAC format - it sounds better than MP3 at half the size and I don't have the luxury of masses of space (I have the NW-A1000 - 6Gb). In a way, I've been assuming other players such as WinAmp will play ATRAC files (or plugins will be available) and I'm hoping Sony don't decide to kill off ATRAC? Sony should be encouraging more 3rd party use of ATRAC. To me, ATRAC seems almost exclusive to Sony hardware and software. Are there any non-Sony portable music players that support ATRAC? I can't think of any. From what I know, ATRAC has been around for the same amount of time as MP3. Recent incarnations of ATRAC (ATRAC3plus), according to my own ears using a good hifi (yes, a real hifi, not 'midi' system!), using lineout with decent interconnects, sound superior to equivalent MP3 tracks at the lower bit-rates (64 / 96 / 128kbps). I've also seen the ATRAC vs MP3 'independant tests' and they back up my personal opinion. On the other hand, from what I gather (NW-A1000 is the first 'digital music player' I have owned), Sony had been forcing their ATRAC format on to users of their older hardware - now their hardware / software supports other digital music formats, this can only be a step in the right direction. However, I bet this isn't down to the 'generosity' of Sony but more to do with them conceededing and admitting they'd lost the battle. Sorry, going off topic here! On topic: I shall try WinAmp soon with .OMA / .OMG. Pleae keep us updated as I and I'm sure many others would find this information useful and/or interesting. As for the tags and video / audio WinAmp recognition thing, I haven't a clue, sorry!
  9. Yes. When connected, my NW-A1000 shows up as a 'Removable Disk' in My Computer and I get the USB 'chime' when it's connected / disconnected. I often drag and drop files (documents / zips / rars) on to my NW-A1000, using My Computer, for use on other PCs. However, this doesn't work for music...
  10. Dammit! I missed out ATRAC3plus 48kbps! Just say so if you use this =)
  11. I'm interested to know what formats other NW-A series users use when ripping CD's - sorry to alienate owners of other players from the poll... The choice of format is based on the CD ripping options the Connect software offers (and Connect happens to be what I use, for convenience). As the NW-A series support WMA now, I've also included that although Connect cannot rip CDs in WMA format. I've included a choice of NW-A model. Users of the larger NW-A3000 may not feel they have to compromise the bit rate as they have the luxury of owning a player with three times the capacity. I own an NW-A1000 and as it's the smaller sibling, I rip CD's in ATRAC3plus 64kbps as I'm concerned about 'filling up' the NW-A1000 (I wanted the smaller model yet I don't want to run out of space!) and like the fact that it (ATRAC3plus @ 64kbps) sounds pretty decent to me (equivalent to MP3 @ 128kbps, so Sony's independent tests have proven). However, I'm worried about using a format that is supported only (?) by Sony products themselves. Thanks for your time. Please leave comments
  12. I'm not entirely sure but doesn't Gracenote 'operate' (read this as 'change tags') on all files in the library (existing MP3's etc.) and not just on music ripped from a CD...? I'm pretty sure it does (and has to various tracks in my library) - any idea how I can fetch data for any album in my library, regardless of whether I've just ripped it from CD (or not) ? Also, what is 'metadata writes'? Is it making changes to the music file data (tags) ?
  13. mrbdamien: Just out of interest, are you talking about the option Write metadata changes into files automatically (enabled / ticked by default), found in the 'Preference Window' Under the 'Library' tab? If so, changes to the library don't affect what's on the player, you say? Hmmm. SONY should give us an option so we can manually use Gracenote as and when we (the user) see fit. Just giving us the (vague) options that disable gracenotes automatic activities so that it doesn't mess our explicitly labelled tags up is just silly. So, what exactly do the following options do (found in the 'Preference Window' Under the 'Internet' tab) ? 1) 'Enable network features' 2) 'Enable Artist Link background service' I feel more confused than ever - it'd be nice if the software had tooltips to explain, or more detail within Connect's help...
  14. Obli

    Whats Next

    You can change the layout / view of tracks both in the library and the library on the player.
  15. Obli

    Whats Next

    Software development needs to be planned and designed carefully before any coding begins. In fact, the first step is analysing the user requirements before ensuring those requirements are nailed in the design of the software - even the first step hasn't been completed, as far as I am concerned (you'd have thought that 'drag & drop' functionality, and editing details of multiple tracks would be a basic customer requirement! In an iterative software development life-cycle, designs should be regularly challenged, improved and updated - they obviously screwed up / rushed some basic design principles with Connect and then attempted to implement (code) the flawed design. It pays to get the design right before starting coding, as otherwise you can spend far more time nd money scrapping and rewriting code afterwards, which it appears is what Sony will be doing - Connect sounds like it's in a right mess! If Sony believe it's quicker to bolt on NW-A features in to SS, the Connect software must need a massive overhaul. Such a program like Connect and SonicStage will be programmed in an object orientated manor and will consist of 'modules' (chunks of code that handle certain parts of the program). The code in Connect that handles ArtistLink / Top 100 etc. might be working 'OK-ish' - they might need to make some minor changes before integrating with SonicStage. It must be other aspects of the whole Connect program that require a rethink / re-writing, and that will take longer than adding NW-A1000 / 3000 features to SonicStage... and the main problems with Connect are not with the ArtistLink & other exclusive NW-A1000 / 3000 features, as far as I know. Forget fixing the minor issues first, what about the critical issues, such as the massive resourse usage which will bring even make a powerful PC grind to it's knees! I think Sony need to revise their software development practices!
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