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  1. is there equaliser on this
  2. wham44


    they will most prolly release it to the world minus the tv thing? why would they waste a good mp3 bcos of the tv thing anyways. the thing is i hope the sound will sound like the nw-hd5 and nwa1000 series instead of the new a808 series. the new series is so bright its abit painful to hear
  3. hey guys i went to test mode and got lost in the controls. went to audio f1 i pressed play but it hanged i cant even restart how?!
  4. AScariss! whens the next release date of the new player!!
  5. you knw i was just wondering.. is the sound chip diffrent in s706 then in the nwa808? if its the same sound chip perhaps a firmware might change the sound? im quite noob about this so it wld be good if someone can help me out here haha
  6. dura i agree with you.. the nw a3000 seems perfect with my ex-shure e2c's... now my setup is nw a808 with the ultimate ears superfi 5 EB... i prefer to leave the CB untouched, DSEE untouched, normalizer on... and eq will be 20211
  7. i used a pair of good earphones too but felt that the sound in an ipod is like dead. thus i sold it and got the sony nw a808 :)
  8. Hey guys need some help... my music files used to have album art from my previous ipod.. it is viewable when i trnasferred it into sonicstage... however when i put the songs into the sony the art is nowhere to be seen on the music file even thought viewable on the alubm page... then i tried using the find cd info button.. they found another album art for me and i applied it to all the songs... however the art is still not viewable for some!! argh can anyone help?
  9. its sunday here in singapore alr lol
  10. lol ishiyoshi any clue whens the new dap coming? im about to lose patience and purchase a ipod!!!
  11. wham44


    : ( they called me b... say its corroded badly and they cant replace it.. oh wells look for new arrivals i guess haha
  12. wham44


    my a3000 dropped into the toilet bowl due to a freak accident.. totally summergerd.. when i took it out (i flushed b4 it dropped in so no pee or shit haha) it cldn work anymore : ( anyways i send it for repair its been a week and the service centre have not called.. think they will replace mine with a new one? im from singapore btw haha
  13. it does not ship to my area.. i live in singapore haha
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