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  1. though

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    i have been an avid user of MD since around '94. have been through several decks and portables, both consumer and pro. currently, i have 3 home decks, 1 portable, and 2 pro mds-e10 units. PLEASE SONY DO NOT GIVE UP ON MD!!!!!
  2. the link above WORKED, the stand-alone package did NOT.
  3. it says clearly "line in". - troy
  4. in my opinion, the mp3 tracks sound great. - troy
  5. though

    How Many Mp3s...

    i think i have 175 on mine.
  6. i have a US version RH-910. i am able to customize the 5 band EQ and save the setting. is there a volume cap on it? am i able to gain anything by trying to apply this "fix"?
  7. maybe not 'cutting edge' but a very nice machine! - troy
  8. this has just happened to me on a 60 min disc formatted in Net-MD. transferred via ss3 from mp3 to LP2 with the new RH910. the mp3 is good but there is a 20 secondish silence in the song on the Net-MD disc. hope this isn't a common thing or i'll be very disappointed. --- UPDATE ----> i take BACK this post. the mp3 WAS messed up. i had both the 'clean' and 'dirty' version of the song. the one i listened to several times was the dirty version. the one that got transferred was the clean one. i have done approximately 200 transfers so far to both HI-MD (mp3 to mp3) and Net-MD (mp3 to LP2) and have had zero "failures" with sonicstage 3. - troy
  9. Buffalo is known for their networking products. They have an excellent brand reputation, excellent customer service, and are on top of things when it comes to firmware upgrades. - troy
  10. thanks for the test bug80!
  11. LP2 for me via sonicstage 3.0 i have several MD units (rack mount, decks, portable) and all the discs need to work in all the players. - troy
  12. how can we find out for sure?
  13. i see that all your music files are stored on the disk as a .HMA file. there are 8 of the .HMA files total on the disc. my question is, can you do a simple drag/drop to your hard drive, pop in a new disc or erase the disc and drag/drop the files from your hard drive back on to the HIMD disc and all is well? anyone tried? thanks, - troy
  14. so you're saying that even though it takes longer to transfer the mp3 over (in SP mode) vs LP2 mode, the end result is the exact same?
  15. i made this post just before the forum got corrupted. anyways, using sonicstage 3 and my RH910 to transfer mp3s from my computer to my NetMD discs, i can choose between SP, LP2 and Lp4. SP takes about 30 seconds for 1 song LP2 takes about 7 seconds for 1 song LP4 takes about 5 seconds for 1 song my question: between SP and LP2, which sounds BETTER? people have said that SP = LP2 when using sonicstage. if it is the same, why does it take so much longer to transfer via SP vs LP2 ? not doubting anyone, just want to clarify. troy
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