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    help finding 1st MD unit

    I'm with Foxfire. Cruise eBay and see if you can pick up a cheap, older model recorder (I'd recommend a Sharp, since they're easier to use, like the MD-MS702/722 or the MD-MT15). Fiddle with it hardcore for a couple weeks to see if you like it. If you don't, sell it on eBay--you should get back almost what you paid for it. If you DO like MD, sell the older model for your money back and buy a nicer one! The N10 would certainly fit in that category!
  2. BJ


    Someone correct me if I'm wrong (and I know you will)... I believe NiCd batteries are less desirable--they deliver less power and are prone to a memory difficulties (you must discharge them fully before you recharge them or you reduce their operational lifespan). NiMH rechargables have no memory, hold a charge better and tend to perform longer on a charge. They're more hearty, I guess. ...right?
  3. Right now the most common over-the-counter MD unit I can think of is the Sony MZ-N707. It has a microphone input and enough bells and whistles to keep you happy. My current baby is Sony's MZ-R900; it's a well-made, feature packed machine that only lacks the USB connectivity of the Net MDs. There's no way to 'upload' from an MD; you'd have to connect the line out on your MD to the line in on your computer's sound card and record the old fashioned way. Other than that little snag, you really can't beat MD for versatility. Can anybody else recommend a couple models?
  4. :wink: Hire yourself a transcription expert who can type really fast. :wink: I don't think there's an accurate way to do it with software.
  5. BJ

    MD->CD-R? Help

    You're going to have to get a cord with double 1/8" stereo jacks, plug one end into your MD's line out (or headphone jack) and the other into your sound card's line in. Play the MD and, using your preferred software, record the it onto your hard drive, divide the tracks as you see fit and burn the files to CD-R. There really isn't a speedy way to do it, and MDs don't yet have 'upload' capabilities. Good luck!
  6. The 702 also had a problem with UTOC errors, unless the one in question is the 702MK. I never had problems with my 702, though. Both have been noted to produce odd ATRAC artifacts when trying to record complex sounds (like a cymbal crash). On my 702 it sounds like clicking. As for making mono sound like stereo, record the live track into your computer and in whatever programme you use to edit the track, convert it to stereo and apply a small phase shift (correct term?) to one of the channels, so it lags behind the other by a matter of ms. It produces a barely noticable echo effect that actually sounds kinda' neat.
  7. I always thought the bit rate was just to indicate what the machine used to record the sound, convert to ATRAC, etc. Once it's recorded on the MD, it'll be the same signal when it's read back, no matter what player you're using. Supposedly, though, the 24 bit machine would have recorded a cleaner sound that would be heard on any playback machine. I dunno. Am I making sense?
  8. I picked up a Sony MD-N505 dirt cheap (it looks like someone went skating on it, but it still works fine) just to test the NetMD waters, and it works great for taking your tunes with you. It has everything you mentioned you were looking for except a backlit remote (though you can probably purchase one separately--the remote for my R900 works fine with it). If you're willing to bide your time, keep looking and you may find a deal. As for what's best, I'd say track down whatever Sharp has just introduced.
  9. If you really want to go on the cheap, hit eBay and see what older models are listed. You can probably pick up an old Sharp MD-MS702 for about $60-70, and I've recorded so many concerts on mine with no problems. Again, no LP mode on the old models, but the sound quality is great--limited only by your mic. Also note: Sharp are the only brand of MD that will let you adjust recording level as you record--with my Sony, I have to pause the recording before I can adjust anything, thus losing parts of the concert.
  10. BJ

    Questions, questions!!

    I got so used to my Sharp '702 that I could almost take a nap and let my hands title the disc for me. If you don't mind another step, I always used to burn my MP3s to a CD-RW, then record 'em to MD digitally on my stereo. It works nicely if you don't have a NetMD, but I'm happy I bought an N505. The quick transfer and the ability to title on my computer keyboard are worth it for me.
  11. If you don't mind a little work, check the plans at http://www.minidisc.org/in_ear_mics.html for a mic that works quite well. I made one and field tested it at a spoken word event, and it performed wonderfully! I was able to get the microphone elements at Radio Shack for about $2 apiece and a set of cheapo ear buds at a local dollar store (for $1.....um, yeah). 10 minutes of soldering (and I am no professional) and I was done. If you're just looking to record lectures, try the plans at http://www.atempo.dk/mic/ with that Radio Shack element. I bet it'll work very well for you, and for under $5--can't beat that.
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