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  1. Hi Matt! Keep trolling eBay for cheap units--you can probably score an ugly but fully funcitonal LP unit for US$50-70. Also keep an eye on larger retail outlets that carry the current lineup of MDs. Most of the bigger stores will throw older models on clearance rather than send them back to the manufacturer when they have to make room for the new models. It requires some footwork or a phone directory, but you never know. If you're not in a big hurry to get one, keep an eye on eBay to see what shows up.
  2. My JVC does not resume mid-track--it will start from the beginning. Otherwise, all my Sony & Sharp units do, my Panasonic does and my Aiwa did. You can't really go wrong.
  3. Might as well. Use the money toward a new Hi-MD. :wink: I'm looking forward to the Hi-MD format, but I'm leery about Sony. Ironically, I'm hoping to get a Panasonic unit. I may just break down and get the '900 when they're released. But geez...they'll store data and gobs of music, they offer USB upload of mic/line-recorded music...I can't wait!
  4. Wow. The manual says it's a "problem with the magnetic head". It could be damaged, misaligned or just dirty. Will the machine play previously recorded MDs? From what I understand, the magnetic head is only used for recording, and the laser pickup actually reads the disc on playback. If you can't find a repair shop (I can't recommend any, sorry), you could try opening the unit and checking out the magnetic head yourself (I believe it tracks with the laser bock, but above the disc instead of under it). Fragile territory, though, and only if you have nothing really to lose. My only worry is that the repair cost might exceed the price of a new Hi-MD recorder. If this is the case, just bide your time and upgrade. Good luck!
  5. I'd try the non-MDLP option first, if possible. Service mode is scary.
  6. Good choice--I absolutely LOVE my 707, and I think you'll be very pleased with it. When I record using the mic-in, I always keep the levels a bit below what they really should be just to make sure I don't get that distortion. I have yet to come away with a bad recording, and the volume can always get bumped up later when you transfer the programme to a compter/different MD/etc.
  7. I've never been the "do everything right" sort--that's why I love MD. :wink: It hit "record" and I get a recording. I throw my MDs in the footwell of my car and leave them there for a year, they still play just fine. I enjoy technology that anticipates my stupidity and adjusts for it.
  8. Okie-doke. At the risk of answering myself and sounding like a lunatic, here's my experience. I tried the Panasonic with its original 100v adapter in my 120v wall outlet. No problem at all, but the MD has been used quite a bit and the battery is not too reliable (they only get about 300 charges before they die anyway). I went to a battery outlet for a spare, and grilled the technician who was there. Here's what I got out of him: US current averages 115v, not 120 as advertised. The 15v difference is shrugged off by the AC adapter--Minidisco is correct in asserting that AC adapters are built to handle a wide fluxuation in AC power. What the adapter does, no matter what the AC input is, is feed the constant 1.8v DC (or whatever they convert to) to the MD unit. Like a firewall. I've had good results charging my Japanese unit with its own AC adapter plugged into a 120v US outlet, and the tech at the store was positive I can't possibly damage the MD recorder or its battery by doing so. Your results may vary--this is just what I've managed to find out and experiment with.
  9. BJ

    T-marking Question

    It's true. I can't even change the title of a checked-out track unless I do so through Open MG.
  10. One of the Net MD portables would do it, as Open MG does transfer the titles--you can probably score a used MZ-N707 for ~$130US on eBay or something. But that's if you plan on staying with MD. Sounds like you've made up your mind to go the CDMP3 route. Don't chuck your '900, though. It's a really nice machine.
  11. Could you just crack open the unit and re-seat the ribbon cable connecting the buttons to the motherboard? Possibly blow it out with compressed air? Clean the contacts? Just trying to save you some $$. It may even be cheaper to buy a newer unit on eBay than to get yours repaired. Hate to say that, cos the 702 is a nice machine. Good luck.
  12. BJ


    Found this program when I was looking for something to easily divide my 80-minute concert MP3s (the largest one I've tried so far was 143MB): http://www.ezsoftmagic.com/ It's the MP3 Splitter/Joiner program, and for me, it's the closest thing I could find to sitting down and dividing tracks on an MD (meaning I could actually understand it). The trial version lasts 10 days and is kind of limited, but it'll give you the idea so you can decide if its worth the $20. Basically: You tell it which MP3 you want to divide. It has a play/preview button and a slider so you can position the time mark precisely and listen to the cut. Once you have all the marks set, hit the divide button and it (quickly!) chops the large MP3 file into smaller, individually named MP3s. Maybe this'll work for you?
  13. I've never used SonicStage, but I title my old MDs in OpenMG all the time. I don't have many MP3 files, and for some reason, SimpleBurner introduces the odd pop and click when I record through it, so I use my MD deck to record in real time, then pop the MD in my N707, plug it into the PC and title my tracks in OpenMG. Very slick--especially once you get the key shortcuts down (title, TAB, next title, TAB, etc...and Ctrl-P to play the selected track). That alone was worth the price of the 707 for me.
  14. BJ

    Best MD design?

    How come nobody mentioned Sharp's MD-MS702 (in GREEN!)? It's the design I originally fell in love with, so it has that special place in my heart. Ick. How sappy. But this photo makes it look like a UFO, and that's cool, right? I'd also have to mention, dinky screen notwithstanding, Sony's MZ-N505--specifically the button layout, which always reminded me of a small solar system. Maybe Sony hasn't discovered Pluto yet.
  15. Not sure if this will work, but have you tried an eyeglass repair kit? The screws may be small enough to work, though I take no responsibility if they strip out the threads in your MD case. Also, give a call to your local business machine repair shop, or any shop that repairs small devices (watches, etc). They may be willing to sell you a bunch of screws, or even donate a couple to your cause. Last resort (and most expensive), check eBay for scrap machines you can purchase cheap and cannibalise. Good luck!
  16. Sharp are best for that "change recording level on the fly" angle. I have had impressive results recording concerts with my Sony MZ-R900, and you can probably score one on eBay pretty cheap these days.
  17. Actually, I'm reviving this thread, as I'm currently waiting for a Panasonic '220 (yay, me!) to arrive. Has anybody had experience with the 100v/120v difference? Minidisco says there shouldn't be a problem, but I'd like a couple more opinions before I plug it in. For example--will it fry the unit or mains? Will the battery blow up? Will my house burn down in the night, leaving nothing behind by my cat and my tank-like Sharp '702? I can pick up an adapter at Radio Shack, but I think the 220 takes 1.6v, and the adapter is only 1.5v. Will it still work? Or am I once again setting myself up for the house-burning-down scenario? Any input will be greatly appreciated, thanx!
  18. I don't know if I ever posted this before, but I found the Sharp units to sound "crisp" while the Sonys sounded "warm". As for the original post topic, I'll have to agree that what's best depends on your opinion, and what you expect to get out of your unit.
  19. Possibly as well, try adjusting the Sound 1 or Sound 2 EQ by cranking both Bass and Treble settings all the way up? That may squeak a little more noise out of it. Or keep it on 'Line Out' all the time. But don't yell at me if your ears explode.
  20. BJ

    Double Minidisc Cases

    Boy, I don't know... Probably Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (which will fit in SP mode on an 80-minute disc if you trim off the last bit of spoken at the very very end), and Michael Jackson's "HIStory"? Otherwise, I know a friend who uses clear packing tape to neatly attach two MD slipcases together (as well as align some nifty artwork folded over the spine), or you can get a 12-disc zipcase that will hold two MDs per page--CaseLogic makes those, I think. That's what I use to store my LP4 collection of Harry Potter books on MD .
  21. BJ


    I never did figure out my PC Link, so of course I'll try to answer your question as vaguely as possible. Check the documentation. I seem to remember something in there about reassigning the primary playback output from the soundcard to the USB port. Something goofy like that. Am I at least warm?
  22. If you need a quick fix or Sony repair doesn't pan out (warranty is good--try to use it), poke about on the unit and see if there are a couple screws you can spare from elsewhere (perhaps the screw nearest the AC input) to keep the lid solid until you can get more screws. If you're completely stumped, try your local eye doctor and see if some eyeglass screws might do the trick.
  23. Try a couple things. First, slide the write protect tab open to protect your remaining discs from erasure. See how your 900 responds to that. Second, if you have access to another MD player, check one of the erased discs on the other player to make sure it really is erased and the 900 isn't just pulling your leg. If it really is deleting the discs, you can try popping out the battery before it writes the new TOC (so it doesn't record the information saying "Blank Disc") or invest in a recorder that will allow you to clone the TOC from an MD and rescue the music from your wiped discs--the music is still there, it's just that the disc has been given up for blank.
  24. I love my 707. I've owned a lot of different portables, and the 707 is one of my favourites. It has a number of really nice features (esp. after you perform the hack) and it's well built. The RM-MC11EL remote works great with the 707, and you can probably find one on eBay or at minidisco.com. I wasn't impressed with the S1, but I really think you'll like the 707.
  25. Yeah, and once I showed him, he thought it was pretty cool (and it was only a Sony MZ-E3)! I had a few MDs on me that have passed thru a number of X-rays over the years, and I still listen to them with no trouble. You're safe...or at least your MDs are. :?
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