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  1. the indicator shows how much batterypower is still left. Really sucks for those who purchased their N10's in past few weeks. well, this is a rumor, still need confirmation
  2. Rumor again: It seems that the internal Lith,Ion battery of N10 has power drainage problem. If u charged the batter to the full and leave N10 unused for like 1 or 2 days the bat.indicator shows only 1 bar left. Sony is aware of the problem and fixed it, this issue won't be found in the future units. Anyone can confirm this?
  3. it can be found on minidisc.org but not sure about where. good luck
  4. Hi, dann: 'Technical Topics' and 'Troubleshooting / Tech Support' are basically two forums handling the same subjects. Shall we make a fusion into one forum? greetz MDpower, moderator 'Technical Topics'
  5. Yes, the battery of N10 can be changed for sure, the first pic on this website shows the comparison of a Sony MZ-N10 battery (LIP-3WMB)and a Sharp MT-831 battery. http://www.pconline.com.cn/digital/textlib...2/114618_1.html The site didn't post any pic of N10/Bat.compartment disambling which made it really hard to tell about the level of difficulty of changing bat on a N10 on ur own. Meanwhile let's just hope Sony will sell this battery as spare parts :shock: Tech details of LIP-3WMB: Lithium Ion Rechargable 3.7V 340mAh
  6. Ages ago i bumped into a Sony MZ-N1 service manual somewhere on the minidisc.org Maybe that can help. Try to contact the org to get a copy. Good luck
  7. It seems there is also going to be a MZ-NE/NF 610 W model, with 'W'irless remote control.
  8. Yeah, i bet those units are already developed. Sony is just waiting for a profitable time to launch the units. Anyone checked the .inf file?
  9. Just heard a "rumor", about 5 new upcoming netmd units discriptions could be found in the N10 netmd driver .INF file (NETMDUSB.inf) These units are: the 'old' N series: MZ-N910 MZ-N710 MZ-N510 the NEW NE and NF series: MZ-NE/NF 810 MZ-NE/NF 610 MZ-NE/NF 410 Could someone who has a N10 please check this, THANKS !!!
  10. Hi, all, post anything u want about Minidisc hardware. Later.
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