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    My e900 cuts off the first 3 seconds of every song including the first one. it starts playing every song starting at 0:03 it wont let me rewind. does anyone know wat to do?? maybe a service mode or some fix.
  2. an easy way to strip the wires is to use fire. when my ex70s wire got cut the wires were too thin to strip with a blade so i just burned the covering off and reattached them. just a tip for you. -dan
  3. hope my reply isnt too late. "still wont be home (as imtravelling) for about another 5 months, so it might be easier to stick with an non-netMD unit then perhaps when i get home, and a new computer i can look into the NetMD solution again" just to make sure you know NetMD units can still act as a normal Non-netmd recorder. -dan
  4. i just got this unit and i need the manual the one on minidisc.org is in french. please somone help me
  5. if sony does come out with a new set of models, they will most likely release it in japan first. also i usually see them release them around the fall. so if oyu see any new japanese ones it can be an indication they might be thinking of releasing some in the us.
  6. dannn

    Opinions on E900

    ok to clear this up, ive been getting lots of private messages about this, i won it from an auction so no unless you can find an auction for the same price i cannot not tell you where oyu can get it for 89 dollars.
  7. dannn

    G750 remote

    has anyone tried using the radio remote that comes with the G750 on an N1 and had the radio work??
  8. dannn


    have you tired claening the lens? my R909 used to skip alot and stop sometimes but after cleaning the lens it stopped.
  9. you saw the title.. wat are some good/bad things about the e900? im thinking of getting this as a compliment to my N1 BTW i can get this unit for 89 dollars (NEW). which is a lot less than most other players. thanks for your input. -dan
  10. i have both of these remotes. i personally like the MC12ELK overall. the reason is that the MC12ELK is smaller and has a better backlight IMO. also i like how they removed the bump that the MC11ELS has. but i do not like how the letters scroll along and the font. the scrolling is not smooth but can be read if you ever seen the lcd of an N1 you would know wat im talkign about. the MC11ELS is longer and has a bump sticking out the side however i like the font on this model better but the backlight is not as good. i say go for the 12.
  11. hey sorry to hear youre having so much trouble. well the only problem i can find here is your computer. the specs arent too good. 64mb ram is really stretching it cuz Windows already uses up about 32 mb. the lowest cpu ive used my netmd on was a athlond 900mhz with 256 ram. have you tried it on antoher computer before?? try it on a different computer that is better than yours if it works theres your problem. the thing that has me fooled is that it worked when you first got it. there seems to be a problem with the program encoding the ATRAC file. since it sounds bad there too. try Dinos simpleburner/nero method if you havent seen it yet its in this same forum. -dan
  12. i just got a PS2 system today and when i saw the usb ports i imediatly got an idea. wat if somone made a program that could transfer tracks from a Cd to NetMD units! and when the hard drive comes out you can store songs and such. maybe use the network adaptor to connect to the computer. just some ideas.
  13. for all of you who dont like the Openmg software heres an alternative.this is taken directly from the minidisc.org site FAQ. just in case you havent seen it yet. "Dino Inglese, a Minidisc T-Station message board member offers this tip for using Simple Burner to circumvent OpenMG Jukebox (see his humorous original posting). CAVEAT: You will need Nero, and Nero's Imagedrive feature, or something similar that can create a virtual CD disc image and allow you to mount it to your desktop. Five easy steps to a clean and hassle free MP3->MD download Open Nero, select Audio CD from the presets and drag all the MP3's you want into it. Nero is far less picky about formats and sample rates. I found this method foolproof. Save or 'Burn' your CD to your hard drive (not your burner). Nero will give you a default filename of 'image.nrg' Use Nero's Imagedrive (bundled with Nero) to mount the .nrg (CD-image) you just created. Lets say Drive 'F' for this example. I am not an expert, but I found these first 3 steps took around 2 minutes or less for a regular size audio CD (i.e. burning and converting about 10 MP3 tracks to an audio CD 'image' on my hard drive). I have a 1GHz/PIII, so that helps with the MP3->PCM conversion times. A faster machine would mean proportionately faster MP3 conversion and image creation. Select your 'virtual F' CD drive in Simple Burner and burn it to Minidisc. When you are done, trash the large .nrg file sitting on your desktop. If your machine is fairly fast then Simple Burner's CD->ATRAC conversion is done in on-the-fly in RAM with the disk hardly ticking over at all. " there are some pros and cons pros you can edit tracks after you transfer them you can transfer track an unlimited number of times a tad bit faster no files left on computer it works! cons transfering titles can be a hassle if you dont do it correctly. requires bit more work I can serve nero 5.5 if anyone needs it. its about a 20 meg download. pm me and we can work something out. -dan
  14. another tip if you are going to use a MD lens cleaner beware there have been reports of certain cleaners that will scratch the lens instead of cleaning it!! -dan
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