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  1. I hope someone here is able to help... How can I "fudge" my MD disc to record a TOC to say "start playing WHAT EVER IS ON THE DISC from the beginning to the END of the disc's limit?". I recorded some live-to-air spoken words on my Sharp MT770, using the microphone input. Everything worked fine, but when I pressed STOP to stop the recording the darn thing did not record the TOC properly. Consequently, when I attempted to play back the recording, the unit says I have a BLANK disc !!! Is there a way to DUMP the TOC from another MD onto my existing MD and hence "force" the unit to play what ever is on the disc? I am certain I recorded my audio, but I am missing the TOC info to tell the unit to play it! Thanks in advance
  2. Like I said mate.... install the original OPENMG programs from the CD you got with your unit... then install SS2 over that! It should work.
  3. Yes I did get that database error when I tried to install SS2 on it's own, without ever having put OpenMG (Sharp copy) in first! After playing with the registry and doing the NetMD FAQ technique 3 times, I gave up! I always got the same error So what I did, as I explained before, is to allow the Sharp OpenMG disc to be installed in its entirety, and then place SS2 over that! After that, it all worked and I never got any more problems since. I love SS2, it's great! It's simple, quick and no more checkin/checkout bullshit. The only qualm I have is that once you convert the MP3 to Atrac (say in LP2 mode), you're stuck with that conversion until you remove the track(s) from the library entirely and reimport them in from the original MP3 files. It would have been nice if you can re-convert the MP3 tracks without having to reimport them in. I wonder if that SS2 variant, that a member here wrote, is any better? Hmmmm
  4. You can find an original one. Sharp still sell parts, for older MD units. I suggest you contact your local Sharp authorised repair centre and ask them. You never know. They may have one lying around.
  5. The Sharp SR series units (SR70) are beautiful to look, hold, chunky and durable! They last and last. They take AA batteries, which is great on your battery budget and they are strong.
  6. The only remotes that work with the SR50/60/70/75 models is the NON-lcd silver stick-like remote, which originally came with the unit. The MT Sharp series will not work with the SR series units and neither will the IMMT NetMD 2 tone colour remotes. The plugs are 100% identical, but not the electronic signals in the remote. Bummer!
  7. Precisely! Which is why I said in my other post that you should install the ENTIRE OpenMG software that came with Sharp units (not that you need everything in it) and THEN install SS2 over that. I admit, I have not tried to install the drivers alone and SS2 after that. It may work.
  8. Kurisu, The OpenMg that comes with SS, I found is NOT the same as the OpenMG that came with my Sharp NetMD. Now I am only speaking from Sharp NetMD's experience, as I do not own a Sony NetMD, so I dare say the OpenMG that comes with SS2 is ONLY Sony specific - and why should it not be?
  9. Borsuk, You're a genuis man! I got your CD and it works! Of course I came across all the problems with that dreaded "database conversion" error, but I came up with my own fix it routine (click here) I only tried this on my Sharp IMMT899 NetMD unit so I do not know if this will work for Sony users. Anyway thanks again.... I'll mail you something soon, but I need your address. Thanks
  10. Bin, Get a copy of OpenMG, install it and then install SS over that! It worked for me.
  11. I don't know if anyone already posted this, but I thought I would share my experiences with the group. This is especially relevant to us Aussies, which have only experienced the Sharp IMMT899 NetMd recorder. We have not officially been exposed to the later Sharp NetMD machines, and only just been exposed to Sony HiMD recorders! SHARP COME ON! WE LOVE YOU DOWN UNDER TOO!!! Anyway... I got my copy of SonicStage from a member, and I thank you kindly for it! Also these steps are totally contradictory to the NetMD FAQ. I found that in actual fact YOU DO need the OpenMG software installed BEFORE you install SonicStage. STEP 1: Install the OpenMG software you got with your Sharp unit. You should have version 2.2 of the software but it doesn't matter. What matters is the installation of the NetMD drivers. Forget SonicStage drivers! They will not communicate with Sharp NetMDs. Let the installation install EVERYTHING, including the OpenMG drivers, and security patches. DO NOT CHANGE INSTALLATION LOCATIONS, OR ANYTHING ELSE. LET IT DO ITS THING TO THE DEFAULT LOCATIONS. STEP 2: Reboot STEP 3: Insert your SonicStafe 2.1 disc. If you have the software installed on the C drive, I recommend you copy it (expand the Zip) into a CD and reboot. I suggest you install SS from the CD and not from the C drive. Don't ask me why, but I tried this and it did not work. SS will not register the NetMD drivers if you install it from the C drive.... something like... oh this is not a legitimate copy..what ever! STEP 4: Install SS and again let it do it's thing. Let it detect (and it SHOULD) that you've already got OpenMG installed. It will un-install it for you (no need for registry handling here - trust me). STEP 5: reboot STEP 6: You should see that the OpenMG shortcuts are gone and the Openmg software itself is gone, but the only thing left is the NetMD drivers (Sharp ones that is) and your Sony folders (do not delete them!). STEP 7: Start SonicStage. STEP 8: Connect your Sharp NetMD to the PC. IMPORTANT YOU DO THIS AFTER THE SOFTWARE STARTS. STEP 9: Click TRANSFER and the NetMD word should appear on both the remote (unit) and on the screen on your right. Note: The "database conversion" error that everyone is complaining about is because of the fact that people installed SS without installing first the OpenMG drivers and get it to register/build the protected MSAccess database. That's the database that SS is looking for and it MUST be installed properly before SS is installed. Without sounding like I am criticising the authors of the FAQ, I actually found that removing OpenMG, and cleaning out the registry caused more problems than it was worth and the SS installation never worked. I did the above a few times to make sure I was not fluking it, and it always worked for me. I hope this helps someone with Sharp NetMD units get a good night's rest. Cheers
  12. What's your email address? I will email you my address/details. Do you accept payment via PayPal?
  13. Actually, I wouldn't mind the offer of having it burnt on CD, as my dialup line is too slow and my work won't allow me to download it as it's not work related. Thanks to whom ever offered.
  14. I've heard of SonicStage, but never tried it. Found it in www.connect.com, but the download starts str8 away! I want to save it first and install it in my own time (Sony does not rule my life!). Does anyone have the COMPLETE latest version on CD ROM, that I may get a copy please? Thanks in advance
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