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  1. ok, if no one can tell the difference, please tell me what you people use: an external or the player itself? thanks
  2. i was just wondering, what is more adviseable to be used to charge your MD battery (stick type).... 1. the MD itself or 2. a separate battery charger and please tell me why? thanks
  3. im glad to hear that daijoubu, good thing i bought a mz-e510 (type-s), i only encode in lp2 coz of same quality but longer playback, cool!
  4. does anyone know where i could find a service manual for a sony mz-e510? i just bought this unit so if in the event that it malfunctions, i hope not, i would be able to check it out myself, maybe in the philippines there could be no service centers for this or if they have it might be too expensive, thankx
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