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  1. I finally got it last night (=early this morning). Every other time I had set it downloading and went off to read other forums etc. This time I set it running and didn't touch keyboard, mouse or do anything else except watch the progress bar crawl across the screen. I don't think it will ever make it as a spectator sport, but I did get the whole thing installed. Now the big question - was it worth it! :wacky:
  2. I have successfully downloaded the installer exe file, but have now tried to run this four times and each time the process has stopped - always at a different point. As of now it is 'frozen' at 4.79MB out of a total of 17.1MB. I have a broadband connection, so wouldn't expect things to time-out. Has any one else had this problem? This is starting to turn into an expensive upgrade!! I guess the other question is 'Is it worth it?'
  3. I meant to post a follow up message ages ago. I took my unit into the authorised dealer for warranty repairs and had it back (and fixed :smile: ) in 4 days! I'm impressed!!
  4. Hm, just did some more testing. I tried recording 5secs, 10 secs, 15secs etc and everything went well until I recorded 30 secs. Then it just went into limbo, but this time flashing TOC Edit for ever (now up to 6 minutes and still going!) What expereinces have people had with Sony after sales service? At least it's still in warranty!
  5. I recorded about 30 secs of speech and then watched Data Save blink on and off for 5 minutes before I gave up and left it to its own devices. I think something is very wrong with my MD
  6. I havea Sony MZ-N10 which, up until now, has been used purely for listening purposes. I have just started to use it for recording audio from video shoots. I have noticed that after a longish 'shoot' (say 5 minutes or more) it seems to take a very long time to either save data or edit the TOC. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my MD unit?
  7. Check out these speakers: http://www.tdk.com/speakers/imaspeaker.html Is that neat or what? According to TDK they will be sold by Sanity stores here in Oz.
  8. Don't go within 20m of one!!! - I did and bought it immediately Got to say that it is a great unit - leaves my previous MD dead in the water (Sharp MT-80).
  9. Mind boggling doesn't even begin to describe it!!! 8)
  10. Oh wow! I only recently discovered the joys of MD - I bought a Sharp MT-80 at a run-out sale at the local Tandy's store. I was so blown away by the whole technology that I couldn't believe I had lived all this time without it. I then started avidly surfing every MD site I could find and started to read about NetMD. One fateful lunch hour I made the mistake of wandering into a Sony dealer and an MZ-M10 fell into my pocket straight after my credit card fell out of my wallet :? If I was blown away before, I can't possible describe how I feel now - this little unit just rocks!!!!
  11. 55 and bought my first MD about a month ago (a Sharp MT80 going out as part of a clearance at the local Tandy shop). Just amazed at what this technology can do - why didn't I start using it earlier???? :? :arrow: Update: Oct '03 - Bought a Sony MZ-N10 a cupla months ago - am just blown away all over again!!
  12. Good point!! I hadn't thought of that - I guess it's a case of 'Back to the drawing board' - just when I thought I was so clever I guess one solution is to not run any apps at all whilst recording - sort of negates the whole thing though. Surely someone else must have a solution for this?
  13. Well, did a bit of experimenting and found that in XP I simply had to go to Sounds and Audio Devices in the Control Panel, select the Sounds tab and there is an option already there for No sounds - simple really (much to my embarassment!) :oops:
  14. I have a Sharp MT80 and when I want public music I use a set of PC speakers with an inbuilt amplifier. I just plug the jack from these into my MD.
  15. Thanks for that - I was wondering if I could define a new user (then set this up sans all system sounds) or something like that. Then I could logon to my PC using that user when I wanted to record from my PC to my MD. When I had finished that I could switch back to my normal user account. Having to go through and manually turn off all sounds in all programs sounds like a real pain in the ***
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