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  1. Yep. I too can understand why it was done, but it's definitely lost something (while gaining in other areas). I'll probably only check in from time to time.
  2. I just checked the quality of images I uploaded since conversion from MiniDisc.org to SonyInsider. They have gone down very much in quality (both previews and when clicking on them to get a bigger image). Plus I think that topics like this need to be moved to Audio. Growing pains? Otherwise, excellent design and colour choices on the new SonyInsider forum.
  3. I always thought reading was done at far lower power output, not necessitating the heating of the layer to its Curie temp (as opposed to recording, which is).
  4. Pff, all fakers with no mic/line inputs don't count
  5. as an aside: form memory, the last Hi-MD unit made in Japan I believe was the MZ-NH1.
  6. $1,100 now "So here it is folks, if you want the best and cost is not a matter of concern to you (i paid well over $1500 for this), GET THIS ONE! After all you wouldn't want your HUMMER or your BENZ to have a system that was bought from K-MART!" Actually I wouldn't mind a KMart model
  7. I don't know, just seeing how many people are online here, it doesn't seem to be so different to 4-5 years ago. But then I could be totally mistaken. Moving it will either increase traffic or bury MiniDisc further into a site with unrelated content. I don't know which. I don't know if there are many advantages to the Average User looking up MiniDisc and coming here versus doing it on SonyInsider. I guess efficiencies count for something, though.
  8. What I don't get is: can't the software be updated/maintained here on its own site, like it always was? Do we need a fresh look? Do we need it consolidated? What needs maintaining? Is it just a case of more efficiencies? As far as navigation and usability of this site are concerned, will things be better off here or there? I have no doubt this will bring a lot more traffic to SonyInsider, but will it affect the MiniDisc talk and navigation negatively? People here are really attracted to MiniDisc and not necessarily other Sony products, and maybe things will turn out less 'vibrant' in the new house regarding MiniDisc. Then again it could bring in more talk, I guess. I think a lot of it will depend on the implementation, but it would be a shame to see the site being diluted like so many other sites. Not really specialising in anything well, and not really attracting the fanatics
  9. * fresh appearance * new software to existing users Either way, I'm not too fussed, but couldn't this be done without the convergence, keeping MiniDisc-related talk separate from the rest of Sony's products (and on its own site), like it is now? I can understand it on some level, because MiniDisc seems to be on its last legs at retail and there is some probably increasing talk of new Walkmans and so forth here, but I still have this feeling inside me that it might be better if this community were kept separate on its own site as it is now. Just as in the real world MiniDisc users are total outcasts It seems like the format might not get the attention (or at least diluted attention) under the SonyInsider banner and site. At least that's a fear (concern?) I have.
  10. It will most likely take the Sony RM-PCM1
  11. News just to hand: the unit will be selling for $299 Excellent value (if it is what I think it is). Cutting down some of the more esoteric features (optical, movable mics) seems to have resulted in a nice slot, price-wise. Sony should clean up with this model, I think. Pretty aggresively going at the market at last. I can't help but be encouraged by this news. Does it show?
  12. same, both portables and separates - especially when the alternatives are often (but not always) wimpy lossy formats with no backbone
  13. Seriously consider using something like the Sony PCM-D50 if you are not going to be using the machine as a primary Walkman for listening (a bit large for that, along with basic playback modes). Mic is on the unit (and is damn good for the price) and the thing will probably set you back less than a separate MIC and MD unit, and you'd probably like it more for what it was designed to do (recording). With in-built limiter, up to 24 bit / 96KHz recording and so on. Currently sitting at $450 USD.
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