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  1. Ok- ive read thru most of the posts here, and im just confused. I have a m505 unit. It decided it was done living this weekend, and wont close now. So im trying to decide where to go. I use the md to record concerts. I have an ipod for playback and listening in general. I need to be able to play my old md recordings. I want to be able to make high quality stealth recordings with a new md player. Battery life and recording time at high quality are key features. Its a real pain to switch 80 minute cds during a concert. Any advice would be appreciated. Are there any hard disk recorders that would also suit my needs?
  2. I have a sony mz-n505. Recording in sp will give me 80 min. Mono will give 160 min. For a live show in a club, does it really matter? I use card mics, if that matters. Im recording tonight! Lazzez bon temps rouller!
  3. I video tape shows, and audio tape with my md. Im wondering if this mic http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWA:IT would make my audio sound better than a md recording. Im trying to make a dvd of with the video and audio. I figure the mic experts here will have an opinion. Thanks
  4. Looking at the specs for the camcorder, it has a mic in. Is there any issue with using a batt box with mic in- does the mic power interfere?
  5. I have a 9v batt box that powers the mics when I record now, with 1/8 plugs. I assume that is a "juice box"? Sony makes mini boom mics that will clip on to the top of the camcorder. I was considering buying one of those instead of using my current mics, since that would be a nice compact setup. Having 6 feet of mic cables, a batt box, and 2 small mics doesnt sound very interesting to me. So you think the best sound would be to record directly onto the mini dv tape?
  6. I have been audio recording concerts with my MD. I have stealth cardioid mics. I also have a Sony mini dv camcorder. I want to video tape some of the same shows. What would be the way to have the highest quality audio- camcorder built in mic(doubt it), MD audio recording dubbed over the tape(I guess I can learn to do this) or plugging my stealth mics into the camcorder mic in? Thoughts? I have Adobe Premire to edit the video- its damn hard to learn!
  7. sent you a pm. email me if you see this brianATmrisDOTcom. I may miss a pm
  8. Run the batt box into line in. I have a sound professionals box with 7 bass settings- I have found it works best with on the 6th highest rolloff. My MD, a Sony 505, has auto levels. Thats what I use. I tried setting them myself, but set them too high. Im new at this, but my understanding is if you record at a lower sound level than you like, you can adjust this upon converting to cd.
  9. I dont think thats it. It was cool and shaded.
  10. I tried to record a few shows at a festival this weekend. Im new to this, but have used the setup about 6 times previously, so thought I had it figured out. I set my Sony 505 to auto level, sp recording. I left the setup sitting on a chair, so no bumps and talking would be recorded. The battery in the MD and batt box are fresh. I started recording, and walked away. Upon returning, found the recording stopped for no apparent reason. Happened 3 x this weekend, yet successfully recorded 2 other shows. I listened to the cut off recordings, and nothing/no one was messing with the rig, so I cant figure out why this happened. Any ideas? The MD player seems fine- plays back no problem, so I dont thing thats it.
  11. Thanks for the link. Are you suggesting I get and external usb connection to the laptop? Any idea why the PC would have skips?
  12. I have my first recordings, trying to convert to cd. I hooked up the MD to the line in on my PC. Recording with Audacity. I get skips on the computer recording. Could the problem be the speed of the computer/hard drive/ processor? Something else? My laptop is much faster, but only has mic in. Any advice/opinions on external sound cards? Im thinking of one for the laptop, since the burner is on the laptop anyway. If I rip to the PC, I will need to transfer via network to the laptop to burn. Thanks from a newbie.
  13. I have a n505. Im building my battery box. I only have optical inputs. I took an old pair of headphones and soldered on a mic capsule(just one) to test the recorder. I get nothing on the md recorder. I hooked up my mic to the computer, and it works. I hooked up the computer audio out to the md, and it records fine. What am I missing? I dont think it would matter that I only have 1 mic, vs 2. It would just give me 1 channel. I bought good Panasonic capsules, but want to experiment with the Radio Shack ones to learn the ropes. Im going to a concert on Friday, and want to debut the system! Go Terps!!
  14. Im going to try to build my first set of binaurals and battery box, using the diy info on micdiyers website. I have not seen anyone mention how to add a bass roll off for the diy setups. Any advice?
  15. Hi- new to the site and concert recording. I already own the Sony n505. I want to be able to record live concerts- stadiums, bars, and festivals. Would someone give me some direction with selection of microphones, and any other gear needed. I dont have a large budget for this- I plan to convert to cdr to play in my car. Thanks!
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