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  1. Uh, oh... If they don't even react to consumer rights organisations, then something's seriously wrong here. Therefor, I strongly suggest, that you contact the credit-card company again to get the amount credited back.
  2. Generally, Audacity, and it is true for almost all other similar software, connects via the driver to the soundcard. That means, it doesn't matter, if you are using an internal soundcard or an external USB adapter. As soon as it works, Audacity can use it. Regarding Soundquality: External USB Adaptors are generally less noisy, as these are isolated from the noise sources inside the computer. If you got a bad-sounding recording from your MD, expect the soundcard being the culprit, especially those integrated into the mainboard. Remember, despite the data compression (ATRAC), a MD-Recorder is capable of delivering almost CD-quality sound. But that is only true for recordings done in SP-mode (Standard play).
  3. Existing NetMD-units cannot upload anything to a computer. So, what's left? Get a cable with 1/8" stereo plug on each end and plug it into Line In on the PC and into headphone on the MD. Switch off Bass boost on the MD and set it to 2/3rd of the maximum volume. Now start your wave recording software on the PC and start recording there. At the same time, press play on the MD. Use the mixer application to adjust the level of the recording. More on this is here: http://www.minidisc.org/very_faq.html Hope this helps...
  4. Well, I suspect, that Hi-SP will have atleast the same Quality as SP on a classic MD. Going out on that assumption, HI-SP will be fully sufficient, unless you decide to create a Master-disk for commercial CD-Production. Tried a (non-scientific) listening test between my MDS-JE500 and 2 different CD-Players and the result was, that the difference between Original and MD-Copy was smaller than the difference between the two CD-Players... And Hi-SP should have the same quality as the latest Atrac-R codec, as lower quality wouldn't make much sense... That should give you a first impression, what to expect. But we only know for sure, when the first Hi-MD-recorders end up in users hands.
  5. Hmm, to me that GUI looks quite convoluted and overloaded. I hope, they add a way to switch it to something more useable...
  6. Well, it depends on the amount of money, you want to invest... Sharp or Sony, it doesn't really matter, as recorders from both brands deliver near CD-Quality when recording. So which one? In the used department, I suggest the Sony MZ-R30 / 35 / 37. The MZ-R37 is smaller and lighter. Difference between the R30 and the R35 is a slightly different case design. All three have automatic/manual recording level adjustment, microphone input and line out, which sounds better than the headphone outlet. I have personal experience with both of them. MZ-R30: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-R30.html MZ-R35: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-R35.html MZ-R37: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-R37.html Price range on eBay, around 60 to 120 US$. But remember to check seller ratings before bidding and you may consider using eBay's escrow service for payment. On the new front: Sony: The MZ-N710 and 910 have everything you need, in addition, they have 2 Longplay modes as well, which double or quadruple the recording time. MZ-N710: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N710.html MZ-N910: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N910.html Price range: ~200 to 300 US$ From Sharp, the IM-DR420 is the most interesting here, as it is relatively cheap and has everything necessary as well: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_IM-DR40...R410+DR420.html Price range: ~180 to 200 US$ However, if you can wait until April, the the new Hi-MD recorders become available and these are very interesting, as you can upload your recordings onto a computer and then you can use any normal CD-Writer to create a CD from that, preserving the full quality throughout the whole process. The MZ-NH900 and the MZ-NH700 are the most interesting here, both allow recording in full CD-Quality and have microphone and line input as well. From my personal standpoint, I would wait for the Hi-MD-Recorders, as you can achieve the highest quality with these. MZ-NH900: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH900.html MZ-NH700: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH700.html Price range: ~250 to 300 US$ A general FAQ (technical) concerning Hi-MD is found here: http://www.minidisc.org/hi-md_faq.html A Beginner's FAQ is here: http://www.minidisc.org/very_faq.html Hope this helps.
  7. Don't worry, a generic cable is fully sufficient. That's the line out, as all computer speakers have their own amplifiers. Use that. The Sync works correctly, your music is the problem. For the track marks to appear correctly, the recorder needs a few seconds silence, so if there is no silence between tracks, there is no trackmark as well. As the previous poster wrote, use the T Mark button to add marks during recording or later during playback. If you don't have a manual for the recorder, look here : http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_...r700_manual.pdf Hope, this helps.
  8. I'm using Winamp 5 for this, output is optical from a Terratec soundcard. Settings - Winamp: Volume 100%, Balance center, all effects off - including EQ and Crossfading. Settings - Mixer: All sources except Wave off, EQ off, all effects off, including 3D-sound and Source positioning. And under SP/DIF copyprotection off... Finally Wave - level full open. The mixer settings are identical for CM8738-based soundcards (Nightingale et al)... If you don't have a decent soundcard, one of these Xitel USB-thingies are worth a look. Hope that helps.
  9. In fact, it's two bits. The first one denotes, if the material is copyrighted, the second one denotes first or second generation. Every digital recorder, including CD & MD stores these. On all copyprotected CDs, both bits are set, normal CDs only have the first one set, thus allowing one generation of digital copying. And that's the reason, why Kylie won't sing onto an MD via the internal link of jernikfra's bookshelf system... Nice sideeffect, if the first bit is reset, unlimited copying is possible. And the squiggly icon in Nero is the first bit. clicking these away allows unlimited copying again. Hmm, I'm only wondering, how Hi-MD will treat these...
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