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  1. These are Sony Professional 80 min Mini Discs. They are new unused but do not have the plastic cases. They come with all cards and labels. I can accept Paypal payments. They sell for $7 - $10 each, all ten $30 plus shipping. Email me at Ellitom@aol.com if interested.
  2. I want it NOW. Ooooh Baby, Black is so sexy. By the way someone made reference to the Taxes added on units in the US. Max tax would be 8 1/2 percent. Plus most mail orders from another state are Tax free.
  3. Sony like many big corporations wants high dollar returns. They developed perhaps the greatest digital audio format Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) and in less than 5 years abandoned it completely. Thankfully it remains in the hand of small audio driven companies. MD has had a good run unfortunately even though I feel differently it never caught on with the listening public, it has remained a product more for the recording hobbyist. Even though I don't do live recording, I much preferred it the Ipod and it relatives. I don't trust hard drives. I like the ability to record directly using a line in and not being a slave to a computer. I never found the dislike of sonicstage that many have. I was hopping that the next generation would allow the use of a lossless format. It doesn't really surprise me that the run is over this last generation was non-existent in the brick and mortar store. Is Sony really surprised that it's sales were very poor when nothing can be found in the local retailers.
  4. I'm compiling a List of all non-classical Released Mini Discs. This is a first stab at it. http://www.members.aol.com/ellitom/minidisc.htm
  5. I purchased 2 songs from Sony Connect and after they were downloaded in ATRAC3 I wanted to create a Red Book CD. When I tried to do this I got the error message that I could not do this. Is there a trick to creating a CD?
  6. Has anyone ever added a digital output to a portable MD player? I have a RH10 that I need to output the data stream in 44.1. Is there a way to mod the unit to accomplish this?
  7. I selected SP, I have over 250 prerecorded MD's and 150 recorded MD's all in SP, when SP is played back on my home unit with the digital output feeding an external DAC it gives up very little to CD. Since buying an NH1 and an RH10 most of the CD transfers I'm doing are in PCM. I use MD's mostly for travel and want the best sound possible.
  8. I bought a MDX-400 early last year to get a digital output but even with the 2nd generation of HI recorders there is no mention of a home unit with a digital output. The internal DAC's are OK for headphone listening but are inadequate for playing a disc thought a home system. When I take a standard SP recorded disc and play it back though my MDX-400 feeding an external DAC it give up very little to standard CD's. I want to be able to do the same with a HI 44.1 disc.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I had to install the version of Sonicstage that came with my RH10, the older version that came with my NH10 didn't have those options.
  10. I'm looking to record a couple of my CD on Hi-MD in the best quality possible. How can I transfer a CD to a MD in Wav format.
  11. Just got mine from Datavis.com and no stand was included, nor is one mentioned in the manual? Id there supposed to be a stand?
  12. Opened up the cradle base and there is a mini circut board in there so it more than just a custom connector to an ac adapter. My solution was to remove the clear plastic triangle part so I can just throw the base into my bag when I travel.
  13. After reading about the new HI units coming out, I decided on picking up a MZ-NH1 instead. I need to be able to record in the SP mode, wanted a Line out and like the metal body. The only problem is I travel a lot and don't want to carry the cradle with me. I thought about buying a second USB cable just for the connector and creating a "USB" to AC adaptor. Where the USB connector terminates to a "male" power jack that then connects to the supplied AC wall wart. Has anyone done this? Or does anyone have any suggestions? The pins could be easily figured out by using the charging cradle and a continuity tester.
  14. I have a MXD-D400 and I'm thinking of upgrading to the JA333ES a Japan only unit. I looking to get the best out of my Prerecorded MD's along with getting the best sound in SP mode for new recordings. Has anybody compared the two units? What bothers me is that the MXD-D400 has ATRAC Type-S and the JA333ES uses Type-R which is the older scheme. Both seem to use 24bit ADC converters and the specs are similar. I feed the digital output of the MXD-D400 to a MSB Platinum Plus for DAC conversion so I'm wondering if the playback sound will be that much better? Has anyone done a head to head on both units?
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