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  1. Well, like I said, can't get that one over here. md.o says it's never released in Europe so that explains alot. And I'm looking for a HiFi-component.
  2. I was looking for a high(er) speed MD recorder (don't want Net- or HiMD). There are quite a few types of models out there, but this (MXD-D40) is the only one I seem to be able to get here in the Netherlands (I just found one whole store which sells any CD/MD deck, and it's this one). Some say it doesn't play CDRW's. Is this true for every and any CDRW out there? Is there absolutely no type of CDRW that can be used in combo with this deck? Some of my music is on the PC and I want to be able to put that music on MD too, a bit faster than realtime analogue recording. And I don't want to burn CDR's which I won't be using after it's on an MD.
  3. [totally offtopic] Why don't we ban the f*cker? Seems the only thing he's doing is posting nothing.... [/totally offtopic]
  4. - Encoding codec quality the same as the ones in the unit chip. - More input music file formats (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Monkey Audio etc.)
  5. They should shame themselves and go sit in the corner and write "I will never go OT again" a hundred times. :wink: Talking about something OT is not bad, but it's wise to create a new topic for it. It simplifies the information structure of the forum, eg. if you search the forum for info it's easier to find what you seek, because all information contained in the database is optimaly categorized. That's the very reason that OT is prohibited or minimalized on most forums, especially the big forums.
  6. Do you mean that recording from optical-in to HiSP delivers better sound quality than ripping a CD to WAV and upload it in HiSP to the disc?
  7. But how does it compare to the 3mW Sony's?
  8. I listen with my 2x10mW at a volume of 15/30 to 20/30. I wouldn't want less volume with my new HiMD. Will I? I've thought of that, but there's not many shops that sell HiMD at all and if they do, I don't think they let me listen. I'll try to give it a try though. By the way, all my MD's are recorded SP via a deck with coaxial input from a Marantz CDplayer (it's my dads stuff, and he's sort of an audiophile ) so I trust quality is good. Internet and Retail is the same price here in NL, so an NH1 would mean about 50-70 euros extra cost. Are you sure they NH1 also in the EU has 5mW output? I would do, if they where somewhat closer to me They're charging almost $70 to send it here, and I probably have to add another $20-$40 for (import)taxes. That's a bit too much for my taste.
  9. I'm thinking of buying an HiMD-recorder, either the 900 or the 600. The major thing that's keeping me from running to the store and grab it right away, is that I'm worried about the sound, the loudness in particular (of the units available in the EU, where I live). I'm currenlt employing a Sharp MD-MT190 (with 2x10mW), and I'm happy about how loud and how silent the unit can be. Since the new HiMD are only 2x3mW here, I'm not sure how the sound will compare with my Sharp, apart from being from another manufacturer and thus with other parts. Is there anyone with a EU-capped HiMD and has tested it against a unit with a higher wattage? What am I going to miss (if at all)?
  10. If sound quality is top-priority, you could choose to convert your aac to wav and upload in pcm format. No quality loss there, only huge discspace consumption.
  11. Bad news: The back of the 900 is plastic... (md.o) Booh Sony!!! I think I'm gonna hold out for a Sharp. Perhaps even w/o EU-limits (current Sharp units are without them).
  12. I currently have a Sharp MD-MT190. Will a 900 sound better or worse or equal?
  13. I've used the external AA with the internal battery removed. Also with a near-empty internal battery inserted, same problem. And also with both full batteries, but it seem to use the internal up leave the external full.
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