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    MiniDiscs & Music!


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    MDS-JE780 [Japan Only Type-S NetMD/MDLP Deck] + MZ-NE410 + MZ-R909 + MZ-S1 [Walking] + Kenwood 20bit MD
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    Small Sony hi-end mic [I forget model number]

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My MD story - In about 2000 I got into MDs then as a late bloomer when I felt the need to find some kind of portable recorder that I can record my drumming practices with and at the same time enjoy favorite songs on the go. I first attained an MZ-R70 in Blue. I LOVED it.

From there I learned about, through MiniDisc.org and other sites about the latest MDLP models which I could add MORE songs too!

I got an MZ-R900 in Red, I was in heaven until it stopped TOC-ing. Then I got an MZ-N1 and loved it as well! I got a an app called X-MD which allowed one to edit NetMD devices, certain ones, in this case the N1, edit the contents of a recorded NetMD via USB from a Mac. Great!

Until the MZ-N1 also stopped writing TOC, laser went bad. So I got an MZ-S1 which was a really nice MD but too white, too bulky. Sold it. Ive owned other MDs - An MZ-N707 in blue which even though it was cool, wasnt as cool as my R900 and N1 which were my favorites.

After that I sort of retired. Except a little around or after the N1 I had found a mint Japan only MDS-JE780 which has been with me since then and I record occasionally for home use only off the radio, shows, concerts and vinyl record compilations in MDLP.

But now, since Im a vinyl fan, I want to create on the go car MDs for my old Sony MDX-C7900. I also occasionally use a player only MZ-NE410 in black for exercise and on foot errands, its a tank and never fails, really dig it.

Im looking into HiMD higher end recorders for drum practice recordings again which I will use with my old Yamaha MD8 a fantastic multi-track recorder! I play electronic drums, hook everything upto the MD8 - iTunes, Roland drum pads, and record, then mix and record out to a HiMD, maybe.

I currently have a few rare units, a factory new MZ-R70 in silver and an ultra rare 24bit Kenwood Portable (at least I think it is!) a BEAUTY of an MD recorder! In my car I roll with a factory new old stock Sony MD deck, I forget the model right now, I'll update this soon.

Oh and I am a former iPhone/iPod user. I hate iPhones.

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