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  1. Thank you all for the very helpful comments. I did make a guess that noise cancelling headphones were designed to counter only white-noise, but I hoped they had treatment for other non-steady noises as well. The Shure 4c looks great, but I can't think of any Canadian dealer that has them at such low prices. They look like I can find them for $350 CAD, which is supremely pricey. I'll have to think about this and continue to scout places..
  2. Hey guys, I have a problem. Living together with a housemate in rooms separated by a thin wall, and said housemate loves loud music/bass and other entertainment in higher than average magnitudes. Planning to move out in 3 months, not now, but in the meantime I would like to know if noise-cancelling headphones can actually help. I'm aware that noise-cancelling is not perfectly exclusion but a dampening of external sounds, but my concern is whether the treatment is for treble-only or whether it includes dampening external bass sounds. I'm aware that I'll still feel the vibrations coming from the walls.. Anyways, if it can help, could you guys PLEASE help out and recommend me a good heaphones pair or two? And something somewhere of the price range of $150-200 MAX. And one that sounds excellent without relying on an amplifier. Thank you very much..
  3. Gah. That sucks man.. now I'm again left without a clue as to what to do.. I want my NH900.. ;_;..
  4. Do it on someone else's comp. Before it's gone.. On a personal note, aren't there ANY Toronto people here who could help me out?
  5. Is there ANYONE from Toronto here who's willing to help me purchase one minidisc? We can meet up and I'll pay of course.. If not I'll have to ask raji from Winnipeg to help me on this one.. and shipping is expensive, whatmore shipping -again- from Winnipeg to Toronto.. Please?
  6. Are the Q55s THAT bad? That hurts I have no freaking idea where to find a pair of good earphones in stores in Toronto, and I have no credit card to get stuff online. Argh.
  7. Hey guys. I just got my pair of EX71SL today.. Now, first let me say that I am a total idiot. >_> It happened like this; I first bought a MDR SQ55 (?) for 68 (yes, SIXTY EIGHT) Canadian bucks from a chinese store -- I know I should have done my research. Yes, it was an impulse buy. And I seriously don't know any stores around Toronto that specialise in earphones, and offer the good-but-under-100 range. I was totally pissed when I discovered the MDR55 was retailing for US20+ online. I wanted to ask for a refund, but it's a chinese store. So, no. So I could only try to minimise my losses by exchanging it for the EX71SL, but I had to pay 30 dollars extra since it was selling for 99CAD. So. Yes, I know I'm totally screwed. I know I was stupid. But it was the only way I could minimise my "cheated money" ratio. And I find I actually like it less than the MDR55. Ack. So, anyways, for those who own a pair, can you tell me whether that piece of paper-thingy on the earphone is to be removed? The circular grey-spotted one right on the earpiece. I was just wondering. Meh. I'm still really angry over this whole affair. Hopefully I can get a credit card sometime and start purchasing stuff online.. :*(
  8. Hi guys. I wanted to inquire about headphone and extension cord care.. and about their durability. I owned a NH600; it was stolen and now I'm just waiting for the 2nd gen Hi-MDs to appear on the NA market. My current earphones are Panasonic, RP-HZ91, cost about US$40. Recently however, a pretty big problem happened. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate board to post this on, but I'm just dead-curious. I plugged out the earphone from my computer and later when I plugged it in again, it couldn't receive all the "layers" of sound. I think the technical name of it is channels. Basically, I can hear background music and stuff, but I can't hear the main melody, or the voice of the singer, and it's the same when I watch movies; I just can't hear the voice. I suspect that it just can't receive the "main sound channel" data anymore. I can resolve this problem by plugging my earphone -halfways- or -partially- in, never fully, and I can hear the voice/main melody again. However, even then, I noticed that the sound quality has dropped and it sounds like the background music is playing in a toilet. It has that faint echo, distant (like radio) kind of sound. These earphones are about 2 years old; I started using them frequently about a year ago. So, can anyone tell me what's wrong with the earphones? And what could have led to this happening? I'd like to know preventative measures, of course. Similarly, I have a question about extension cords. I bought a 6ft cord so I could plug it into my TV and play games quietly (in a dorm room), but one day, a similar problem happened. I just couldn't hear the "main channel" anymore, I could alleviate this problem (CURIOUSLY), by lifting the wire and like, rotating it in space until there was a position where it could "pick out" all the sounds. It was pretty strange. So I bought a new wire, from a more respectable store (Radioshack), and it worked fine.. until recently, similar symptoms seemed to be happening.. I was wondering if this has anything to do with wire-care. I've googled about it, thought about it, and I'm not sure. Do these extension wires have to have particular conditions, or be handled in a particular way? I just don't want to keep buying and keep replacing them anymore; I'd like to make a purchase of a new set of earphones (I wonder where I can find a pair of respectable quality here in Toronto Canada; I have no credit card to purchase online) and maybe even another extension wire, provided I know how to care for them and keep them in good condition. I mean, I know things deteriorate in time, but the lifespan for them was too short.. The panasonic earphones lasted about a year before this happened (suddenly, which makes me wonder if it was my fault) and the first extension cord lasted 2 weeks, while this current one about 6 weeks. I'd REALLY appreciate any comments/knowledge you guys can shed on this topic.. Thank you so much, if you respond. And for now.. I'll have to wait for the 2nd Gen Hi-MD... sigh.
  9. I asked a question similar to this, but I was reading the specifications of Hi-MD models.. I noticed that Hi-MD playerss only write to MDs which are reformatted to 350mb. Does this mean that if I record an MD using the Hi-MD recorder, a non Hi-MD player cannot read it?
  10. arias

    Wrong decision?

    Thank you for your kind response.. I figure I'd still try and get a refund for my current purchase anyway. I owned another MD about two years ago; which was one of the first advanced NetMD models. Bought it in Singapore for about S$499 (or US$300). Wonderful MD, loved it, but it got stolen.. So this N10 is my second MD, but looking at how Hi-MDs are backward compatible and my current N10 costs $500 Canadian, I think I'd prefer to wait for a Hi-MD model. I think I'll try and get a refund on Monday, and if not.. well, I can live with that. :smile: The N10 is beautiful :grin:
  11. I read that the current MD will be reformatted to 305MB or so; what does this exactly mean? Does it mean that current users of MDLP will be able to enjoy this expansion in space? Or will only the Hi-MD players be able to use this increase in MD space? My second question is I bought an MZ N10 yesterday for 500 dollars Canadian (My GOD) before I found out this site today.. and that Hi-MD technology exists.. T_T. This is really sad. But I want to know whether Hi-MD is really significantly better than current MD players, or my N10, because I still have the chance to return it to get a refund, and save up that money for a Hi-MD. Any suggestions? I really need advice on this.
  12. arias

    Wrong decision?

    Hi guys, I just got a MZ N10 yesterday a little over 500 bucks (including tax) in Canadian dollars. I'm not very in tune with the current news, and just found this MD site, and I noticed that there was a Hi-MD format coming out. Did I make the wrong choice buying this older MD model? Plus, does the Hi-MD model have the ability to record into MDs that can be used by older MD models? o_o.. I'm worried I just busted 500 bucks I saved for a year for nothing..
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