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  1. Gapless has been available since at least SonicStage v3.4

    Gapless has been available since 1992!... and for the anniversary, Sony should release: a portable recorder (RH1+), a portable player (EH1+), a HiMD deck (something like the MD-105FX) and as a bonus surprice a HiMD car unit (MDXF5800+) :rolleyes:

  2. I dont think so, the EH70 is a player only so the menu structure would be like my EH1. For example; with the remote's button DISPLAY pressed for 2 sec the menu will show




    I tested it with the remote mc38el and it didnt show any option to change language.

  3. I dont know much either, I took this from wikipedia:

    Analog electrical

    Total harmonic distortion (THD)

    For high fidelity, this is usually expected to be < 1% for electronic devices; mechanical elements such as loudspeakers usually have higher levels. Nowadays very low distortion is easy to achieve in electronics with use of negative feedback, but the use of heavy feedback in this manner has been the topic of much controversy among audiophiles — for more on this see electronic amplifier. Loudspeakers typically produce more distortion than electronics, and 1–5% distortion is not unheard of at moderately loud listening levels. Human ears are less sensitive to distortion in the bass frequencies, and levels are usually expected to be under 10% at loud playback. Distortion which creates only even-order harmonics for a sine wave input is sometimes considered less bothersome than odd-order distortion.


    The level of unwanted noise generated by the system itself, or by interference from external sources. Hum usually refers to noise only at power line frequencies (as opposed to broadband white noise), which is introduced through interference or inadequately regulated power supplies.

    Dynamic range and Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

    A measurement of the range of signal levels the device is capable of.

    Dynamic range refers to the ratio of maximum to mimimum loudness in a given piece of music or programme, and this measurement quantifies the maximum dynamic range an audio system can carry. This is the ratio (usually expressed in dB) between the noise floor of the device with no signal and the maximum signal (usually a sine wave) that can be output without distortion.

    Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), however, is the ratio between the noise floor and an arbitrary reference level or alignment level. In "professional" recording equipment, this reference level is usually +4 dBu (IEC 60268-17), though sometimes 0 dBu (UK and Europe - EBU standard Alignment level). 'Test level', 'measurement level' and 'line-up level' mean different things, often leading to confusion. In "consumer" equipment no standard exists, though −10 dBV and −6 dBu are common.

    Different media exhibit different amounts of noise and headroom. Though the values of course vary widely between units, typical analogue cassette might give 60 dB, a CD almost 100. Most modern amplifiers have >110 dB dynamic range, which approaches that of the human ear; 160 dB. See Programme levels.

  4. I was checking eBay and the seller named hd-powerseller has a lot of stuffs at unbelievable prices: Sony RM-MC38EL remote, Sony ECM-DS70P stereo mic, Sony MDR-E888LP headphones, Sony MZ-N10 Lithium Ion Battery, and so on, all this just at us$9.99!! I mean, is this for real? has someone actually ordered something from this seller and received their order?? :unsure:

  5. Thanks MDX-400, fortunaly according to the technician the battery is completely depleted, I was worried that it could be a electronic malfunction you know :P. Im forced to order the replacement from Sony's part center because the Paypal system isnt valid in my country <_< anyone knows if it may be ordered from eBay through a safe money transfer?

  6. I have had my E10 kept for a month with battery turned off, but when I was going to play back a disc yesterday, there was no answer whatsoever! :(. My player has about a year and a half since I bought it brand new. My guess is that the battery died somehow it had to lose its charge while was kept, it has never been mishandled.

    I found there's two part numbers for the replacement: 175631811 and 175631821 but DAPC shows two different prices for the battery.

    -which is the right one?

    -has anyone bought the E10's battery from them?

    -is it possible that my guess is wrong?

    :( any comment will be appreciated.

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