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  1. Looks like Santa came earlier this time LG Scarlet 42"
  2. My brand new psp slim and MPO plus ...the other one belongs to my brother.
  3. I have mine stored for months, it has suddendly stopped to work at all I think the battery is dead. I will try to get a new battery and perhaps sell my E10... btw nice pics.
  4. Tiesto

    DH10P dying

    Try the player in the charger stand without battery.
  5. this means that my hope for a HiMD car unit is meaningless?...
  6. I bought this couple: Sony Ericsson Z550 and memory stick micro M2...
  7. who is the source of this rumour?
  8. The MZ-E10 has a special remote port which doesn't even have a headphone jack, so there is just two remote for this player: RM-MC33ELU RM-MC35ELKU [attachmentid=2148]
  9. Tiesto

    PlayStation 3

    perhaps the PS3's operating system has some limitations, but we would have to see what happen when the PS3 has linux as OS.
  10. good find!... now I want to see a Dolce & Gabbana md please
  11. Gapless has been available since 1992!... and for the anniversary, Sony should release: a portable recorder (RH1+), a portable player (EH1+), a HiMD deck (something like the MD-105FX) and as a bonus surprice a HiMD car unit (MDXF5800+)
  12. Tiesto


    I dont think so, the EH70 is a player only so the menu structure would be like my EH1. For example; with the remote's button DISPLAY pressed for 2 sec the menu will show -MAINPMODE>NORMAL>GROUP>BOOKMARK>PROGRAM -USEFUL>SPEEDCTRL -OPTION>MENU MODE>AVLS>BEEP>BACKLIGHT>DISC MEM>QUICKMODE I tested it with the remote mc38el and it didnt show any option to change language.
  13. check this excellent review: http://www.sharoma.com/minidisc/reviews.htm#onkyo
  14. Mazda 3, model 2007, engine 1.6L 16-valve 4-cylinder with VVT and 2- balance shafts, horsepower 104 @ 6000rpm, transmission 5-speed manual [attachmentid=2062] [attachmentid=2063] [attachmentid=2064]
  15. I dont know much either, I took this from wikipedia:
  16. I was checking eBay and the seller named hd-powerseller has a lot of stuffs at unbelievable prices: Sony RM-MC38EL remote, Sony ECM-DS70P stereo mic, Sony MDR-E888LP headphones, Sony MZ-N10 Lithium Ion Battery, and so on, all this just at us$9.99!! I mean, is this for real? has someone actually ordered something from this seller and received their order??
  17. Thanks MDX-400, fortunaly according to the technician the battery is completely depleted, I was worried that it could be a electronic malfunction you know . Im forced to order the replacement from Sony's part center because the Paypal system isnt valid in my country anyone knows if it may be ordered from eBay through a safe money transfer?
  18. no, there's no response either... omg, please dont tell me that you think it may be an electronic issue
  19. I have had my E10 kept for a month with battery turned off, but when I was going to play back a disc yesterday, there was no answer whatsoever! . My player has about a year and a half since I bought it brand new. My guess is that the battery died somehow it had to lose its charge while was kept, it has never been mishandled. I found there's two part numbers for the replacement: 175631811 and 175631821 but DAPC shows two different prices for the battery. -which is the right one? -has anyone bought the E10's battery from them? -is it possible that my guess is wrong? any comment will be appreciated.
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