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  1. You guys do realize that Soundpro'l accepts pre-order for RH-1 since early April right?
  2. hehe, why only 2? when you can have 4 on each side plus subwoofer! on top of that, You get to see wires, the inner workings, and how its connect together and little blue light that never turn off. oh and the unusal shape of subwoofer..woot woot!
  3. run out of ink would not be a problem, if you invest on a CIS. which I have already mentioned it b4. like couple pages back. and why won't you invest on a CIS?!?!?!
  4. If you do print a lot and print in color, you might wanna consider to invest on a CIS.
  5. if it doesn't run on OS X, I wouldn't even bother. so, that would be no!
  6. ^ so the next logical step up for you is Qualia R10? if you are already saying phenominal for a $370 can, I wonder what you will be saying, if R10 is your last set of headphone?!!?!?
  7. the merger with Compusa has begin, now that Goodguys website is gone, and so many of it's store closing. if you live near one that has closeout discount deals. get in there ASAP. from the website, they stated, some GG stores are closing even without offering discounts to clear out the inventory. hopefully, I can score some senn's MX series earbud for cheap!.
  8. Just want to add to Bananatree's recommendation: Song: On The Road Again by Willie Nelson.
  9. You aren't looking hard enough, try Frys or Rat Shack.
  10. in that case, my local library, beside, there is only 1 or 2 songs per album worth listening to.
  11. see my thread about online negotiating. anyhow, the best price they could give me is $34.99 not include shipping and tax. is this a good deal? I did some searches, both Musician's Friend and Samash both had listed $39.99 online. The results from Froogle didn't yield much better pricing either. I need some opinions please!! or if anyone find it lower (in US), please provide the link, thanx. oh, and no Ebay links please!!
  12. Like my topic says, How does online negotiating work? has anyone ever had succeed(sp?) it, or has anyone ever try it? for example, I am interest in the few items listed on this page, and there is 'negotiate for a better price' at the bottom of each item listed. Like K14P, K26P or PX-200 even. the page I'm referring to is at below: http://www.djmart.com/headphones8.html?page=1&sf=1&sd=a
  13. isn't that kinda take a big hit on loss of sound quality? I mean md is simply can't reproduce the 5.1 channel audio from the dvd. on top of that, the audio is compressed on MD.
  14. Just made a fresh new album compilations on the new Blue Hi-MD disc. albums in the disc (in no particular order) all Hi-SP. Kishimoto Hayami - JUICY Shimatani Hitomi - Papillon Sowelu - Heads or Tails BoA - Girls on Top Namie Amuro - Queen of Hip Pop Kawashima Ai - 12 ko no uta KOTOKO - Glass no Nabikaze
  15. I hate people (especially mac users) doesn't do research well before they get into MD. Sony Sonicstage and OS X is simply doesn't communicate with each other, unless you have something to act in between. ie; virtual PC and window OS, that is on top of what you need to installed besides Sonicstage. back to topic. Switow, your RH10 can be used as USB mass storage. for the audio part, just follow whatever Atrain says. and no, I will say here again. Unless Sonicstage can be run natively on OS X, there is no chance of me installing sonicsuckstage, virtual pc, and window os on my Mac. never.
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