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  1. if yorue concerned about sound quality.... theres also the issue converting from one lossy comrpession format to another unless you kept all the CDs you purchased even after you ripped them to MP3... then you have no problem, cus you could rip them again me, i threw them all out .....yeah while im posting, i'll repeat again what we all know: sonic stage is...... incredibly pathetic when it comes to simply importing a file or folder, or any number of other menial functions..... i cant express how amazed i am with the quality of the software
  2. Sony actually has its own lossless-compression audio format called Sony Perfect Clarity Audio (.pca file extension) that you can use in Sound Forge (at least in v. 7.0) ive heard it said on these forums that lossess compression wouldn't be able to work on Hi-MD because of the variable compression but now we know the new ones will support VBR .mp3s, so... yes i would love lossless support, for listening and also for recording(!!)
  3. is it possible to burn a bunch of ATRAC 3+ files onto a CD-R, using SS or not (whichever might work), then import those to your SS library without copying them to your HD so that you can transfer them from the CD to a Hi-MD through SS?
  4. i think this has been discussed here before... what is the max theoretical capacity of current Hi-MD units? is anyone sure they are capable of using higher capacity media at all? i think i remember 2 gigs coming up before.... edit: I'd really like to see higher bitrate compressed recordings.... somewhere between HI-SP and PCM im not sure how practical that would be since i dont know the inner details of compression and psychoacoustics.... but all the compressed formats top out at close to MP3's 320kb/s i wouldn't assume that compression 'wouldn't be worth it' mathematically above that rate simply because its not around... since most people consider that the equivalent of CD quality anyway it wouldn't be worth it to them HI-SP is about 1:5 right? a 1:3 or 1:2 compression ratio would be interesting..... 180 minutes on a Hi-MD with quality somewhere between HI-SP and PCM... or simply bring back mono recording, if only for PCM, which i imagine keeps L and R chanels more sperate than ATRAC, making the data savings from recording in mono more significant
  5. i agree they make (some inexpensive) portable DATs, and lots of other professional portable sound and video equipment.... their brand already has credibility its almost like they succeeded by accident in prosumer portable audio recording... the marketing seems totally absent people have to find out about it for themselves im sure its a deliberate business strategy, but its frustrating... it seems like it would be so easy to just optimize the NH900s interface for recording, give it a date/time stamp, slap a different name on it and thats all it would need to be a very competitive prosumer tool.... (actually, a very appealing one with little competition to speak of) especially given how fashionable sampling and electronic music have become/are becoming... its a wonder why Sony doesn't throw its weight behind that trend edit: and considering how stiff the competition is in portable listening, where minidisk really isn't a very convincing option compared to HDs and flash, or even CD players
  6. yes this is REALLY annoying remember for a long time there was lots of complaining about not being able to change recording levels in real time while youre recording, but that IS possible, even though the manual does not make it clear (its kind of cryptic) anyways i hope this is like the recording level issue and there really is some way to disable this assery has anyone asked sony tech support about it?
  7. could someone email this to me at <andrew the number twenty at gmail.com>? (with no spaces, and the number twenty is really the number twenty, as in a two and a zero) thanks a lot lossless downloading.... awsome or the URL for the installer, either way is this on a Sony website? if so why not just post the link?
  8. thanks a lot dex, this was very helpful
  9. i have a question.... i just started using my big condenser mic with my HiMD (i had only used the in-ear binaurals that can be powered by the minidisc recorder itself before) So i have the mic going into a behringer tube ultragain 2000 using 48v phantom power i use the 1/4 TRS out on the behringer into the line in on my NH900 I understand gain-staging to mean keeping the signal as high as possible all the way through the signal chain without clipping does this mean i should have the signal coming out of the behringer as high as i can get without clpping on that unit, so the NH900 is recieving as strong a signal as possible? This would mean keeping the NH900's gain on a very low setting, well below unity gain (of course, im keeping the meters on the nh900 as high as possible without clipping) OR should i set up the signal going into the NH900 so that im using "unity gain" on the NH900?
  10. i had a similar problem, and somone else too...... sonicstage would crash before filling a disc, every time, rendering the disc "not read or write"-able in the process and leaving me with no option but to reformat the closer i got to full the more likely it was to happen i wasn't able to find any cause or solution now i leave 15-20% free space on my discs and add the last content on the disc very carefully, that is, slowly, only a few songs at a time it hasn't crashed since ive done this the thread about my and similar problems is here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=7310
  11. and that is why we need totalitarian governments im pretty sure i remember reading in this forum that SS sucks at resampling, according to the poster anyway, he didn't refer to anything to back it up he may very well have been talking about one particular rate, and if he was it was probably 48000
  12. i would edit my post to italicize music collection but i dont seem to be able to for some reason and its 6:30 am... why am i awake italicizing things?
  13. sonicstage puts numbers in the file names upon uploading to your computer... Untitled (58) Untitled (59) etc assuming you upload in the same order you recorded them, the numbering would make sense im used to using those kinds of titles anyway for recorded audio that reminds me of another SonicStageism that pisses me off... music from different albums are not kept in different folders in Windows, they're all in one massive folder its a little thing but its so annoying... but yeah one would expect machines like the hi-md recorders to at least be able to number recorded tracks on their own I'd like to see Sony create a SonicStage alternative or supplementary program for people who actually use minidiscs for the biggest thing they're good for: recording audio SonicStage is just innapropriate for managing recorded audio, its a dumbed down music collection-manager with training wheels that doesn't seem to take recording into consideration at all i can understand that they want to keep their music management software simple, especially since it has to deal with audioCDs, AtracCDs, flash players, minidiscs, your hard drive, and portable HD players and work smoothly for any kind of consumer (eg "im 50 and i want an mp3 player for jogging... what the hell is a context menu?") using any of those mediums.... but for the users who can handle more than four big round colourful buttons on the screen at a time, please Sony stop crippling your products
  14. thank you i guess Sony hasn't cracked Winamp's super-advanced secret 'get the song info from the file name' technology yet... but its only a matter of time, with their best programmers working on it
  15. im not sure if youre saying you dont want to use Sony's wav converter... its not SonicStage, its a seperate piece of software " WAV Conversion Tool" http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/himd/himd.asp?l=en there is also an independant, non-Sony program that is supposed to be very good: http://marcnetsystem.co.uk/cgi-bin/mn2.pl?...19?drs=,83,39,2,
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